Undet with Ares Commander

Combining the powerful Undet project database with Ares Commander we created a cost-effective solution to work with point clouds in a familiar CAD User Interface.

This solution allows you to have two workplaces for the price of one AutoCAD, making the overall conversion of point clouds into *.dwg CAD drawings quicker.

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Intuitive CAD interface and native DWG support

The user interface is built on Qt technology (the same used in AutoCAD), complete with ribbon, dockable toolbars and palettes, menu bar, right-click menus, aliases, and shortcut keystrokes.

Compatible with native DWG and DXF files

Well familiar CAD tools and commands

Create detailed 2D ground plans, sections and facade elevations using common CAD tools and a familiar workflow.

Standard 2D drawing and editing commands: 

Line and Trim | Polylines editing | Dynamic blocks | UCS management | Multiple viewports | Associative dimensioning and annotative scaling |

High performance with large point clouds

Create point cloud projects with Undet Indexer from a wide range of scanners: airborne, mobile mapping, terrestrial or any other 3D sensors. 

Limitless project size

Comprehensive point cloud data management

Combine individual scan stations into groups: for each floor/level, outside or separated scans.
Control visibility of created groups or individual scans stations/files.

Interactive coloring management

Use the different color settings to get the clearest possible view:
| RGB | Intensity | By plane or height | 

– Adjust transparency
– Change point cloud point size

Interactive visibility management (clipping box navigation)

Use the clipping box to navigate between point clouds. The clipping box can be moved to any area of a point cloud to see a more detailed view by using the arrows attached to the sides of the clipping box.

Create new clipping box: By Line, By Rectangle.

Snapping to Point Cloud points

Full-fill drawing with annotations or get any point coordinate by clicking directly on points in the model space.

Undet Browser integration

Undet browser connects your scan data from Undet project with FARO SCENE Webshare Cloud service, allowing you to view objects or situations in clearly understandable full resolution panoramic images, mark small objects location, shift the clipping box, and get direct view from scan station point clouds to panoramic scan images and reverse.

Undet with Ares Commander overview video

How to draw floor plan workflow video

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