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Getting Started. Video tutorial

June 27, 2014

First project with Undet ToolBox? Getting started video tutorial will lead you through key principles of our software. These rudiments are very important since you won’t be able to run until you know how to walk.

test help

June 3, 2014

2D B&W Mode Turns drawing settings to 2D drawing mode. Vartotojas: Iškviečia komandą Rezultatas: Įjungtas 2D režimas This mode is recommended to do 2D digitalization of raster images... (more)

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Deformation analysis. Video tutorial

June 2, 2014

Even in a newly built structure some initial deformation appears. Taking about old heritage objects or must-to-renovate buildings deformations sometimes are really significant. This always needs to be considered for as-built documentation or deformation inspection.