UNDET for a super-smooth workflow with point clouds

We take industry-leading platforms (AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, Ares Commander) and refine them by integrating the UNDET database with a point cloud accelerator and add specialized tools to ensure a super-smooth workflow to produce 2D / 3D / BIM results based on Point Cloud data.

Supersmooth workflow is ensured by:

We know a supers-smooth workflow with a point cloud from field survey to final deliverables.

The UNDET team has been working on 3D measurement technology since 2007 to understand the daily challenges and demands of building/site measurement documentation. Our R&D team has been awarded multiple EU grants, in the fields of point cloud processing automation, automatic feature extraction, and creation of artificial intelligence. UNDET tools are designed to seamlessly accelerate workflow with point clouds for those who want to do everything right and super-smooth.

The UNDET database is ready for a super-smooth workflow with point clouds, you will retain control over each imported file (individual scan position files are not merged into a single “dead set”). UNDET quickly locates and visualizes point cloud views of any size in a CAD / BIM environment, regardless of the 3D measurement equipment used. Advantages of the UNDET database:

  • Fast indexing (project creation time).
  • Point cloud accelerator with double-file structure for smooth visualization of large point cloud files:
  • Preview points
  • Full points
  • Grouping and visibility management for each imported scan station file.
  • Advanced coloring settings with different color palettes (RGB, Intensity, by Z, by plane) maintaining the full coloring channel values for each imported file.
  • Georeferenced data (state coordinate system) support.
  • LiDAR LAS classification support.

Our solutions integrate into your workflow as UNDET plug-ins for your selected industry-leading CAD / BIM platform (AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, Ares Commander):

  • Smoothly integrate with current processes and procedures (does not require learning new software and technology).
  • Eliminate importing – exporting steps from 3rd party applications to ensure the smooth transfer and exchange of deliverables with end-users.

UNDET customers confirm that Undet solutions are intuitive, quick to understand and easy to integrate with enterprise processes.

https://www.undet.com/undet-software-customers-reviews-and-ratings/ – UNDET user feedback