Undet, a brand owned by Terra Modus, represents point cloud processing solutions for data obtained with reality capture technologies.

The first Undet solution was presented in early 2011, since then we have grown immensely. Now, we create the best solutions for the building/site measurement documentation market. We offer Undet for SketchUp, which is currently the only add-on in the market, allowing you to use point cloud directly in SketchUp. You can also use Undet with your other favorite modelling software: AutoCAD, Revit, or as a complete bundle solution: Undet with Ares Commander.

Terra Modus aims to provide the quickest way of obtaining the desired building/site measurement documentation for companies that use reality capture technologies.

Our vision is a time when surveyors are able to get building measurement documentation from reality capture data in a single click

To understand the daily challenges and demands of the building/site measurement documentation market we:

  • Provide building/site measurement services using reality capture technologies in our local market
  • Create building/site 2D drawings (plans, sections, elevations ), 3D models (solid, mesh, surface…), BIM from point clouds to worldwide clients
  • Continuously develop the Undet community network

The gained experience equips us with the competence to:

  • Develop and support Undet software
  • Perform R&D projects, which were awarded multiple EU grants, in the fields of point clouds processing automation, automatic feature extraction and creation of artificial intelligence.

We know that the latest reality capture technologies are extremely fast and effective in field measurements, however, the conversion of point clouds into building/site measurement documentation can, unfortunately, be very time consuming, which decreases the effectiveness of the overall process. Therefore, we offer you:

  • A cost saving solution, which allows you to have two workplaces for the price of one AutoCAD, making the overall conversion of point clouds into *.dwg CAD drawings quicker (Undet with Ares Commander)
  • The possibility to share your point cloud processing overload with us (Terra Modus service), to receive top quality building/site measurement documents at an agreed time
  • Multiple easy to use Undet solutions, which will let your customers work with registered point clouds by themselves, obtaining the building/site measurements information faster (Undet4Revit | Undet4SketchUp)
  • For experts in converting point clouds into building/site measurement documents, we offer a tool set that will help you optimize and automate your existing point clouds to 2D/3D/BIM drawings processes (Undet4AutoCAD | Undet4Revit | Undet with Ares Commander)
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