Undet for AutoCAD V2.4 Release. What‘s new?

October 15, 2017

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Undet for AutoCAD is one of the most powerful tools in the market for scan data management and efficient point cloud conversion to as-built documentation in AutoCAD. A typical Undet for AutoCAD user usually utilizes several scanners on daily basis thus producing massive data sets that further need to be converted into as-built 2D and 3D documentation. This part is the most labor intense because there is NO MAGIC BUTTON that does it all for you. And if you are looking for one, probably you are new in this industry.


The above Gartner hype cycle graph perfectly illustrates the learning curve of the newcomers to 3D laser scanning and data processing. They buy into major industry vendors marketing "BS" and inflate their expectations exponentially. But the reality is different and after having their hands on the technology most of them derive same conclusion:

Scanning is the easy part. But what to do with the point cloud next?

After all, there is no magic button!

But there is know-how! Yes, it takes time to built it and requires going through some trials and errors but it's the only way to go if you plan to make a living out of this. Typical Undet for AutoCAD users locate in the right side of the above graph. These companies have been in surveying and drafting business for years and they do not have any illusions for the magic button. Historically these companies invested in many different hardware and software solutions, tested various workflows, constantly moved and improved. One thing is common among them - they are not afraid of change.

Since Undet entered the UK market a few years ago, a number of companies retired their legacy software solutions and moved towards Undet never looking back. Why? Because it drove productivity, increased production volumes and lowered their cost. Don not believe? Here are a view shout-outs from some of Undet for AutoCAD users.

“UNDET’s roots stem from practising surveyors with a firm grasp on surveying principles. It’s refreshing to have access to software developers that have a clear understanding of what surveyors need” - Andrew Maltby, Maltby Land Surveys


Read full user story: Maltby Surveys Transition from Pointools and Cloudworx to Undet

"We have used Undet for close to a year now and have found the improvements in our workflow to be significant. The interface is very user-friendly and highly intuitive and the software incredibly stable, allowing us to work with far larger data sets within the AutoCAD environment than was previously possible" - Tori Wilkinson, Siteline Geomatics


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“Using Undet has helped us to improve our models and to reduce the time spent in creating them considerably, allowing us to reduce costs and improve on delivery times. The time spent in producing models is now typically 30% less than it was previously" - Roger Thurston, TSP


Read full user story: TSP reviews Undet for AutoCAD

"UNDET has a fantastic usability factor and has the ability to manage a high point count without performance issues. In short, UNDET is simple, practical and applicable" - Luke Stamper, Formby Surveys


Read full user story: Undet – Viable Point Cloud Software that Drives Productivity

Today we are extremely happy to announce the new Undet for AutoCAD version which has few major improvements that will continue increasing our users productivity further segregating them from the competition.

The following part will briefly cover the new Undet for AutoCAD V2.4 developments.

For more details see full V2.4 Release Note: Undet for AutoCAD V2.4.0.100 Adobe_PDF_icon

And watch few short videos in the bottom of the article showing the whole new 3D Viewer workflows.

AutoCAD 2018 support

Undet4AutoCAD V2.4 supports AutoCAD 2015-2018 year versions. The new version's install is divided into two parts: Undet4AutoCAD – a point cloud processing plugin for AutoCAD and Undet Indexer – a standalone project creator that neither requires Undet’s nor AutoCAD’s license.

Export into Undet project (*.ipcp)

ViewSections can now be exported into *.ipcp (Undet project). Previously Undet allowed exporting only into LAS or TXT files. Once ViewSection is exported into *.ipcp one does not need to re-index the file and can open the exported points (*.ipcp) in Undet4AutoCAD right away.

New point cloud sectioning/clipping tools

In ViewSection – creates a new rectangular ViewSection by extracting a box from the active ViewSection. This eliminates ViewSection boundary box editing and saves time.


In ViewSection Base – a new setting that allows marking one of your ViewSections as your base ViewSection. Works only in combination with the new In ViewSection.

Once In ViewSection Base is checked the ViewSection name is colored in red. This means that your base ViewSection will automatically show up (activate) every time you choose to create a new In ViewSection regardless of what is your current active ViewSection.

This saves quite a lot of time in ViewSection management process since you do not need to crawl in your ViewSection list trying to find the one and then activating it. In ViewSection base does this automatically.


3D Viewer

Undet4AutoCAD V2.4 has a whole new 3D viewer that provides additional point cloud management options, facilitates identification of details and speeds up drafting, modelling and annotating in AutoCAD. The viewer visualizes Undet’s ViewSections and individual scan locations and provides crisp look of the point cloud. Since the viewer loads scan data in a whole new window, it is recommended to use it on multiple monitors.


Furthermore, the viewer is linked with AutoCAD. This allows snapping to points in the viewer and transferring their coordinates into an existing AutoCAD command. For more details see full V2.4 Release Note: Undet for AutoCAD V2.4.0.100 and watch  the following playlist with four short videos showcasing how the viewer facilitates point cloud processing workflows for elevations, floor plans, leveling/annotating and even 3D pipe modelling.

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