Undet for SketchUp 

Visualize and model from your 3D scan data within SketchUp

Currently, the only Hardware independent plug-in (Point Cloud Extension) in the market, allowing you to import any size point clouds, directly in SketchUp without slowing it down.

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Undet + SketchUp

Probably the easiest way to create 3D models based on point cloud data for those who love the simplicity of SketchUp itself.  

UNDET SketchUp Point Cloud Extension will allow you to import Point Clouds into SketchUp, and you will be able to easily design your ideas based on any Point Cloud data.

Integrated UNDET database

The UNDET database is ready for super-smooth workflow with point clouds, you will retain control over each imported file (individual scan positions files are not merged into a single “dead set”).

UNDET quickly locates and visualizes point cloud views of any size in the SketchUp environment, regardless of the 3D measurement equipment used: Supported point cloud formats *.E57, *.FLS, *.RCP, *.PTX, *.ZFS,*.LAS, *.LAZ, *.PTS, *.DP, *.FPR, *.LSPROJ, *.FWS, *.CL3, *.CLR, *.RSP, ASCII / NEZ (X,Y,Z/i/RGB) and custom ASCII / TXT file format import.

 | Interactive visibility & coloring management |



Go forward!

Join the UNDET community and create stunning deliverables based on point cloud data

  • Great, fast and stable
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Can import point clouds easily into SketchUp
  • Makes modelling with Point Clouds as easy, as possible

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Undet makes modeling with Point Clouds as easy as possible from large buildings to any architecture heritage objects: