Introduction. Origin of Undet Point Cloud Software

Introduction. Origin of Undet Point Cloud Software

The most powerful animal in the rainforest is not a tiger or an elephant. It is an ant. Leaf cutter ants are so powerful that they literally carry the forest away in their jaws. Undet – the nature’s finest leafcutter ant name. Imagine a human lifting a truck with its teeth…  Small but powerful, simple but comprehensive – this was the primary idea when we first thought of point cloud software creation and THEN we started. Although, we started 3D laser scanning business much earlier…

Creation of well sophisticated software requires superior IT knowledge. But most of all it requires perfect knowledge of technology. Reality capture and data processing are our daily operations that go hand in hand with software development. Know-how is our core strength. Top IT specialists and developers are working together in cooperation with 3D laser scanning professionals for one reason and this reason is our mission:

“To help engineers, surveyors and architects prepare accurate and reliable as-built documentation“

How can we help you? Software, data processing services, consultations – these are our instruments for your successful business. In every obscurity we stop for a moment and choose the right decision relying on our values:

  1. Quality: What we do, we do well
  2. Passion: Committed in heart and mind
  3. Innovation: Let’s cut the edge
  4. Professionalism: It is in our roots

We are visioners. We look into stars and dream. How it is going to be in the future? Our biggest dream is our vision:

“To develop one-click fully automated system for as-built documentation creation”

Big, impossible, brave, silly… You name it! The dream of ours is going to be true and we move towards it! But let’s come down on the ground and take a retrospective look of our journey from start to our present stance:

  • We are dealing with reality capture technologies since 2005. At first, 3D laser scanning looked like a very attractive solution for reality capturing. We began with simple tasks like general visualizations and volume calculations. Software that came together with hardware was working fine for this.
  • In 2007 we established 3D laser scanning services company called TerraModus. We were acting in local Baltic market and step by step met new reality capture and as build documentation challenges. Architecture & Construction, Heritage & Archeology, Civil Infrastructure & Land Surveying were our main areas of action.
  • In 2009 we diversified our business and started to provide data processing services worldwide. Since then we put our hands on many great projects, I will definitely post several more interesting ones, but one thing was always teasing us. Point cloud post processing was always a pain in the ass! Who really wants to struggle and spend hours on modelling and vectorization of such a rich, huge, computer and human resources eating data? I guess only Indian companies…(No offence). But that’s a different story.
  • So we looked for proper tools which could facilitate and speed up this time consuming post processing work. We tried quite a few but none of them really satisfied us. At that time we were close partners with Authorized Autodesk Developer Company called InfoEra (now we are engaged). These guys developed many great tools and standalones based on Autodesk software. Finally the synergy was found and THEN we combined our competencies in order to connect best from laser scanning and CAD technologies. The first baby was born in 2011. A baby ant, an ant called Undet.
  • In 2012 we presented Undet officially in several industry recognized exhibitions like Intergeo, SPAR Europe and Autodesk University. A development of distribution network started. At the same time we received European Regional Development Fund for further researches of an “Automated Drafting System Prototype Development”. This brought us one step closer to our vision.


  • 2013 were the year of reconsideration of who we are and what we do. We crystalized our strategy, mission, vision and portfolio. Rebranding was necessary. Undet became a more general name of our entire products/services group. And the first baby was named Undet ToolBox.

And here it is, 2014. We are here, we are present and we have great news! Our child grew up. A new version, a more complete software full of exciting features is about to be released…