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Automatic feature extraction block

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Automatic feature extraction block
C:\Users\TerraModus\Desktop\1plane.png1plane[Plane] – Automatically extracts selected surface plane from the point cloud.
C:\Users\TerraModus\Desktop\2box actual.png2box actual[Box] – Automatically extract selected box object from the point cloud.
C:\Users\TerraModus\Desktop\3 box adjusted.png3 box adjusted[Vertical Box] – Automatically extracts selected box object from the point cloud.
C:\Users\TerraModus\Desktop\4cylinder adjusted.png4cylinder adjusted[Cylinder Actual] – Automatically extracts selected cylinder object from the point cloud.
C:\Users\TerraModus\Desktop\5 sphere.png5 sphere[Sphere] – Automatically extracts selected sphere object from the point cloud.
C:\Users\TerraModus\Desktop\1fit face.png1fit face[Fit Face] – Fits solid face to point cloud object surface.
C:\Users\TerraModus\Desktop\2fitcharmer.png2fitcharmer[Fit Chamfer] – Creates chamfer edge for solid and fits it to point cloud surface.
C:\Users\TerraModus\Desktop\3fitfillet.png3fitfillet[Fit Fillet] – Creates fillet edge for solid and fits it to point cloud surface.
C:\Users\TerraModus\Desktop\4fit extrude.png4fit extrude[Fit Extrude] – Extrudes 3D solid to point cloud surface.
C:\Users\TerraModus\Desktop\5devide face.png5devide face[Divide Face] – Divides solid face into two parts.
[Corner Line] – Automatically creates corner line between two selected point cloud surfaces.
[Multi Corner] – Automatically creates multiple corner lines between selected point cloud base surface and surrounded surfaces.
[Find Axis] – Finds axis from visible point cloud points. Video
[Find All Axes] – Finds all axes from visible point cloud points. Video
[Find UCS] – Finds the most reliable UCS direction from selected lines. Video
[Align Lines] – Aligns lines to saved UCS directions. Video
[Mark Lines] – Mark lines which are not in ortho direction according to UCS. Video
[Auto Multi-Line] – Automatically creates and fits lines on point cloud section to create a multi polyline. Video
[Auto Line] – Automatically creates and fits line on point cloud section.
[Auto Circle] – Automatically creates and fits circle on point cloud section.
[Join Lines] – Extends and joins two selected lines.
[Join Multiple] – Extends and joins all selected lines.

Watch a video below that shows more about Undet Automatic feature extraction tools

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