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Coloring block and Density block

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Undet Coloring block

Using this block, you will be able to change the coloring of your point cloud data.

– Expands coloring selection list
– Colors point cloud by RGB
– Colors point cloud by Intensity
– Colors point cloud in Black/white
– Colors point cloud by plane. Define clipping box plane in Settings.
– Colors point cloud by Height (Z value)
– Opens Coloring Settings

Coloring examples:

Points colored by RGB Points colored by Intensity Points colored in Black/white Points colored by Height

(Z value)

Coloring Settings

Point Cloud point size: 1 – 25 pixels
Transparency settings 0 – 100 %
Shading: intervals depend on gradient pallet
Color Palette (Gradient): various color bands
Auto Contrast adjusts Point Cloud contrast
Plane: Setting to define Plane coloring
Plane depth slider: Moving from left to right increases the depth by plane.

Select for reference plane

Flips reference plane

Set fixed size interval to Color point cloud by plane mode according to chosen gradient.

Coloring by plane examples:

Selecting coloring by plane Selecting reference “Clipping Box” plane to start coloring. Colored view by reference plane with fixed step 5cm

Coloring example with plane depth slider:

Plane depth slider set to maximum value to increase coloring by plane depth. (placed on the „Right” side).
Plane depth slider moved to the “Left” side decreases the coloring by plane depth.

Undet Density block

Using this block, you will be able to change the density of your point cloud data.

– Opens manual point cloud density settings
Optimizes point cloud density settings for higher performance
Optimizes point cloud density settings for higher visibility
Hide / show point cloud

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