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How to start? (general workflow)

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1. Open Undet project file (if you don’t have it, create it with Undet Indexer from your scan data). Click the “Add Slice” icon in the Undet Ribbon menu, and in the opened dialog click “Set project”.

2. Load preview raster

3. Move Undet point clouds project to Revit coordinate center (0,0) using “Moves coordinates” function

4. Using “Rotate Project North” function rotate project model direction for more comfortable modeling.

5. Set first Revit section for floor plans elevation adjustments using standard Revit features

6. Set floor plans reference elevation using “Preview” raster function and standard Revit features

7. Set building elevations using “Preview” raster function and standard Revit features

8. Select prepared Revit view (For example: Floor plans – Level1) and generate first raster image from point clouds

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