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How to transfer Undet license from one device to another?

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 1. Open the UNDET License Manager.

 2. In the License Manager, select “Remove License.”

 3. After removing the license, write down and retain the REMOVAL CODE. You will need this code for a new activation.

 4. Log in to your account at the UNDET license management portal. You should have received your login details when you purchased the license.
License management portal: https://activation.undet.com/
In the License Management Portal, select “Manage your licenses.”

 5. Choose the license that you recently removed. Please note that the SITE & MID codes may not match the codes in the UNDET License Manager.

 6. Insert the new SITE & MID codes from the UNDET License Manager. Also, input the REMOVAL code you noted down earlier. The REMOVAL code is required to generate a new license.

 7. Click on the generated activation code. In the pop-up window, select the code.

 A triple right mouse click can instantly select the complete code.

 8. Insert the copied code in the UNDET License Manager. Then, select “Unlock application” and press “Continue.”


In this video You will learn how to transfer Your Undet license from one device to another. Following these steps You will be able to switch personal license between few personal devices, or how to transfer office license to home PC.


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