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How to reactivate if a license has stopped working?

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  1. Log in to your account at the UNDET license management portal.

    License management portal: https://activation.undet.com/

    Login details are provided after the license is purchased. Select “Manage your licenses”.

  2. Select “Manage your licenses”.
  3. Select the license you are using to update*.
    * Please note. SITE & MID codes will not match codes in the UNDET License manager.
  4. Insert new SITE & MID codes from UNDET License Manager**.
    * Please note. A removal code is not needed to update the license.
    **Where and how can I find a UNDET license manager with SITE & MID codes? Undet for Revit: https://www.undet.com/knowledge-base/where-can-i-find-site-and-mid-codes-in-revit/
  5. Click on the generated activation code, and in the pop-up window, select it*.
    * A triple right mouse click can be used to select full code instantly.
  6. Insert the copied code in UNDET License Manager, select Unlock application, and press Continue >>.
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