Meet UNDET in FARO 3D Documentation User Conference

Meet UNDET in FARO 3D Documentation User Conference

Planning to participate in FARO 3D Documentation User Conference? Visit our Work Shop session and see how UNDET improves FARO users’ workflows from point cloud to smooth vector drawing. The workshop will be held on the afternoon of 21st May (Thursday). See Full Conference Agenda Here>>

During the workshop we will present UNDET Software features and applications through an overview of four different and challenging user stories all utilizing FARO scanners:

  • Renovation of Lithuanian Government Building: architectural as-built documentation.
    A project of a more than 2000 scans captured with FARO X330 and handled in UNDET within AutoCAD was a challenging task, mainly, due to the size of the data that needed to be managed. Final deliverables were in the form of 2D plans, sections and elevations.
  • FARO X330 technology and UNDET workflows helps to win governmental tender for Heritage building documentation.
    Upgrading laser scanning kit from an old time-of-flight based scanner to the new FARO X330, user ended up in a great onsite scanning cost reduction but at the same time maintained the same computing time frame and post processing productivity, providing even more accurate results.
  • Tokyo Disneyland’s “The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Roller”: structural 3D model.
    A project of a dense and intricate network of steel structures supporting Tokyo Disneyland’s artificial mountain and the Railroad Roller. This would be a near impossible mission without UNDET in AutoCAD. Furthermore, additional developments derived from this task greatly increased productivity for extraction of structural frame elements.
  • Maltby Land Surveys, UK: transition to Undet results in increased productivity.
    Chartered Surveyor and one of the directors of Maltby Land Surveys Ltd. Andrew Maltby presents his overview of their recent projects carried out with UNDET that is helping smooth workflow from Point Cloud to Vector Drawing.

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