Meshing & Texturing. Video tutorial

Meshing & Texturing. Video tutorial

Best things happen unexpected. This exactly happened to our newly developed mesh. Neither we nor our users saw anything like this before. Therefore, I feel pretty confident saying that there is no similar meshing functionality in the market. If you can deny me, don’t hesitate, really, drop down some references in comments.

But so far enjoy the video talking about it.


So what’s so amazing about our mesh?

– Undet ToolBox mesh enables you to avoid additional and time taking step – point cloud filtering. Our meshing algorithm will very precisely extract any ground surface or irregular object shape just with one click. The secret is that the algorithm itself will eliminate all trashes and other objects such like vegetation, houses, cars, pedestrians, furniture etc.

– Mesh editing tools will allow you to joint several different meshes, close holes, remove long edges and spikes. Additionally, there is mesh sectioning possibility for roadways or surface profiling. Our mesh sectioning works very fast and is not even comparable with standard AutoCAD mesh sectioning (If you have tried the standard one, you know what I mean).

– We also developed mesh texture mapping for better surface interpretation.

– If you are working with AutoCAD Civil 3D, it will recognize mesh as a native Civil Object – Civil Surface, just prior you will need to explode mesh into faces.

– Widely applicable, from Topography & Civil Infrastructure to Heritage & Archeology.

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