for AutoCAD V1

Dealing with point clouds in AutoCAD? Be productive and efficient - enhance your AutoCAD with Undet!


Undet for AutoCADis a plug-in for AutoCAD and its verticals that facilitates and speeds up evaluation, visualization, processing, and advanced modelling of point clouds. It is suitable for both buildings and sites.

Undet for AutoCAD

High performance for dense point clouds

Additionally developed indexing dramatically increased processing performance which also enables you to have limitless project size. Undet allows to import unlimited amount of multiple files at once. No matter if you use different scanners, the only restriction is your disk size.

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Comprehensive point cloud data management

Undet enables you to group and classify imported point cloud data depending on your scanning positions, work tasks and data structure. You can simply group data files or individually selected points to manageable logical classes. For each group or logical class you can separately define different coloring settings or export them in to *.pcg, *.las or any ANSI text file.

Interactive visibility and coloring management

Cut your point cloud in to different view sections using Undet and be able to see all scanned point in your area of interest. Use grips and gizmo because  it is  the  most interactive  method  to  change size and position of your point cloud regions. Full access to manage colors. Intensity, height, true color or deformation maps can be used for coloring your point clouds.

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Orthophotos directly from point clouds

Low density of points or lack of sharpness in your point clouds is not a problem anymore. Using Undet you can generate colorful ortho images with larger and brighter points. Draw directly on orthophotos or export and share them.

Extensive workflows for different industries

Any AutoCAD user that is dealing with point clouds in Architecture and Construction, Cultural Heritage and Archeology, Civil Engineering or Land Surveying will benefit from Undet ToolBox. Ether a project manager who needs to analyze data, divide and classify point clouds, assign tasks to different drafters and proceed inspection between final results and original point cloud, or a pro-engineer that is working with AutoCAD verticals on specific tasks, or even a simple drafter that is generating documentation will find Undet extremely beneficial because its key to your productivity is great performance, interactive visibility management and enhanced processing capabilities.