for AutoCAD V2

Dealing with point clouds in AutoCAD? Be productive and efficient - enhance your AutoCAD with Undet!


Undet for AutoCAD V2 provides best value for users who want to work efficiently with point clouds in AutoCAD and speed up as-built documentation for multiple laser scanning tasks. Next to the first version developments V2 has a number of new impressive features focused on critical information extraction from point clouds. With this release, Undet delivers a complete set of tools for terrestrial and mobile mapping deliverables in AutoCAD environment.

Impressive Meshing & Texture mapping

Impressive mesh extracts irregular 3D surfaces with just one click, eliminating time taking point cloud filtering step. It automatically excludes trashes, reflections and other objects such like vegetation, houses, cars and street furniture. Mesh editing tools allow to joint different meshes, close holes, and remove long edges or spikes. Additionally implemented mesh sectioning for fast surface profiling and texture mapping for better surface interpretation and visualization.

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Auto sections, plans & irregular profiles

A new dialog developed for fast and easy point cloud sectioning in synergy with automated recognition is a powerful tool for extraction of plans, sections, irregular profiles and 3D modeling.

Automated Features Extraction

Along with automated UCS alignment and tracking Undet ToolBox now recognizes and extracts 2D and 3D primitives: plane, line, corer line, circles, box, cylinder and sphere. Additionally developed 3D solid fitting to point cloud object’s volume allows to automate modeling (sculpting) of complex structures.


Deformation analysis_featuring

Deformation Analysis & Ortho-Images

Newly developed analysis allows to set up deformation tolerance and investigate deformation map. Pick up deformation values directly on the image and print it or simply save and share. Additionally improved ortho generation from point clouds now allows to create true and projected ortho-images.

True Scan View Navigation inside AutoCAD

It is a new navigation method which enables to see point clouds just as if you were standing right where the laser scanner captured the scan data. This allows to navigate naturally and intuitively, evaluate point clouds, proceed virtual surveying, measure distances or extract correct geometries using automated recognition. Navigating in Undet True View mode you will no longer experience confusing point clouds. Such navigation method is also great for unexperienced users or tasks like interior fittings and wireframe modeling because you will be able to quickly extract planes, corner lines and other 3D objects.

Featuring TrueView