for SketchUp

Undet for SketchUp 19.0 version highlights

SketchUp 2019, 2018 and 2017 support.

SketchUp scenes enriched with point cloud data.

Other improvements and fixes - Undet4SketchUp-Whats-new_19.0.pdf

Undet for SketchUp 18.0 version highlights

Read the new Undet4SketchUp V18 How-to-Start Guide.pdf

Support of SketchUp 2018 along with 2015 - 2017 year versions.

Improved point cloud slicing - new clipping options: By Line, By Rectangle

New. Scan data and grouping dialog. Read How-to-Start guide for more details.


Undet for SketchUp V2.0

Support of SketchUp 2017 along with 2016 and 2015 year versions.

Improved snapping to point cloud points.

New. Coordinate system transformation.

New. Automatic feature extraction of planes, corner lines, surface meshes (terrain and other irregular surfaces).

Download What's new video data sample:
CHAPEL_BuildingIndex(3cm).zip (1.27GB)

Use pointclouds directly in SketchUp!

Undet for SketchUp V1 offers a unique opportunity to use any pointcloud directly in SketchUp Pro and provides great tools for efficient pointcloud visibility and colouring management.



Who can use pointclouds in SketchUp? Everyone.

Hundreds of thousands of professionals in (take a deep breath) architecture, construction, engineering, commercial interiors, light construction, landscape architecture, kitchen & bath design, urban planning, game design, film & stage, woodworking, and plenty of other fields use SketchUp Pro all the time, every day. Did you ever want to bring scan data directly in SketchUp? We bet you did, and now you can.

Bring any pointcloud in

Undet is hardware independent and allows to bring in numerous file types from different scanner vendors. *.E57, *.LAS, *.LAZ, *.PTS, *.DP, *.FLS, *.FPR, *.LSPROJ, *.FWS, *.CL3, *.CLR, *.ZFS, *.RSP, ASCII / NEZ (X,Y,Z/i/RGB). So you can bring in pointclouds derived from any technology or application such as Airborne LiDAR, UAV/UAS/Drones, Mobile Mapping Systems, Terrestrial Scanners, Handheld Scanners or Photogrammetry.

Download example datasetJapanese hut, (23.9MB)

Any pointcloud