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Undet Consulting & Training Services for New and Experienced SketchUp Users


After one-on-one training sessions, you’ll be confident to start work immediately. New users receive a 2-hour overview of SketchUp. All users receive 7 hours of training and consulting to learn the basics of how to create 3D models based on precise as-built point cloud data using the Undet for SketchUp plug-in.

What does a consulting & training service include?

Introduction session


  • Overview of SketchUp (navigation in model space, drawing tools, drawing 3D objects, geometry editing tools, layer, group, and component management, control of axes and drawing planes, saving project). ~2 hour (New Users Only)
  • Overview of Undet for SketchUp plug-in. Undet project creation and point cloud files import into SketchUp. ~15 minutes
  • Preparation for modeling, coordinate system and axis control. ~30 minutes
  • Point cloud visibility, density and coloring management. ~30 minutes
  • Use of Undet scenes tools. ~15 minutes
  • Introduction to automatic feature extraction tool and recommendations about its use. ~30 minutes
  • 3D model inspection workflow to compare your model against the point cloud to ensure accuracy. ~15 minutes
  • Applying materials/textures. ~15 minutes
  • Questions and answers before modeling. ~30 minutes


Modeling/consulting session


  • Modeling workflow with client-provided data set. ~2 hours
  • Guidance for problem-solving and best practices as questions arise during modeling. ~2 hours
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Undet Consulting & Training Services

Annual licence
New Users
1340 €
Excluding VAT
  • SketchUp Pro CAD platform with Undet integration include
  • 9 hours of consulting and training
  • Support & updates
  • Billed annually
Annual licence
SketchUp Pro users
900 €
Excluding VAT
  • Undet for SketchUp plug in
  • 7 hours of consulting and training
  • Support & updates
  • Billed annually
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