The New Undet ToolBox V2. Functionality Overview

Last time I ended up this way: “Our child grew up. A new version, a more complete software full of exciting features is about to be released…”

Intrigue! Drama! Sort of… But not for a long time. Step by step we will reveal this mystery. Therefore, in a short term I will publish series of posts dedicated to disclosure of our “grown up child”. This time I will briefly review the new functionality, as for the coming posts I will prepare more in depth analysis of each of the features with some videos recorded. Just before it let’s take a quick look to the primary Undet ToolBox, in order to understand the difference between these two releases.

Undet ToolBox V1 is a plug-in for AutoCAD and its verticals that facilitates and speeds up evaluation, visualization and processing of point clouds. It provides best value for users that want to work in traditional AutoCAD workflow with enhanced point cloud processing capabilities for visualizationmanagement and performance.

Now, the new Undet ToolBox V2 is a heavy extension of the primary release. Yes, heavy! Because additionally it has a bunch of great features that facilitates and speeds up advanced modelling of point clouds. It provides best value for users who want to work efficiently with point clouds in AutoCAD and speed up vectorization of 2D drawings and 3D modeling.

Here is a summarized functionality list of this heavy extension:


  • True View Navigation
  • Meshing and Texturing
  • Deformation Analysis
  • Smart Board Modeling
  • Automated Feature Extraction


  • Visibility Management
  • Navigation

Let’s start from the beginning!

True View Navigation

Most of you are probably familiar with 360 navigation in such software like Leica TruView, Faro Scene or Kubit VirtuSurv. We created a similar navigation only not the 360 “fish eye” view but perspective mode which enables you to see point clouds just as if you were standing right where the laser scanner captured the scan data. This allows to navigate naturally and intuitively, evaluate point clouds, proceed virtual surveying, measure distances or extract correct geometries using automated recognition and the best thing is that Undet True View is inside AutoCAD! 

Virtual surveying in industrial facilities is usually a difficult task because of loads of equipment and dense pipe networks. Navigating in Undet True View mode you will no longer experience confusing point clouds. Such navigation method is also great for unexperienced users or tasks like interior fittings and wireframe modeling because you will be able to quickly extract planes, corner lines and other primitive 2D and 3D objects using automatic recognition features.

Meshing and Texturing

Meshing is often a must to have feature when dealing with point clouds. We experienced it many time by ourselves. In such tasks like ground surface extraction, 3D modeling of irregular shape objects or visualization and analysis of complicated surfaces, meshing is a need. For this purpose we created a comprehensive meshing functionality that is applicable in many different ways.

Meshing Ground Surface

Undet meshing algorithms will very precisely select only ground surface and eliminate trashes and other objects such like vegetation, houses, cars, pedestrians etc.

Mesh editing tools will allow you to joint several different meshes, close holes, remove long edges and spikes. Additionaly, there is a mesh sectioning possibility for roadways or surface profiling.

Meshing Irregular Objects

Meshing Heritage Objects / Ruins

Textured Mesh

Deformation Analysis

Even in a newly built structure small deformations already exist. Probably no need to mention old buildings where deformations sometimes are really significant. This always needs to be taken in to consideration when preparing as built documentation or proceeding deformation inspection.

For this purpose we implemented surface deformation analysis which allows to set up deformation tolerance and investigate deformation map.  Pick up deformation values directly on the deformation image and print it or simply save and share. You can also use this image for surface mesh texturing.

Smart Board Modeling

It is a new navigation/modeling dialog for fast and easy point cloud profiling. Smart Board divides drawing window in to 3 different viewports. Two viewports (Front and Top views) are dedicated for navigation and control, and the third viewport is dedicated for drafting (Drafting viewport). Drafting viewport hides unnecessary and disturbing background information (confusing point cloud, drawing elements) and shows only the profile of point cloud.  Besides, Smart Board automatically sets up and tracks drafting plane (UCS).

Automated Feature Extraction

Automatic recognition helps to evaluate correct geometry of objects and speeds up vectorization and advanced modeling of point clouds. We divided our automatic recognition functionality in to four categories listed below.

  1. Automated drafting plane – automated UCS alignment and tracking.
  2. Automated extraction of 2D primitives – automated extraction of planes, lines, corner lines and circles.
  3. Automated extraction of 3D primitives – automated extraction of boxes, cylinders and spheres.
  4. Automated fitting of 3D solids – automated 3D solid fitting to point cloud object volume.

Improvements for Navigation and Visibility Management

In this final section I will list some improvements done on existing functionality:

– New 3D orbit with rotation center
– New options to control view (4 options)
– New option for ViewSection creation (2 options)
– Enhanced orthophoto creation (3 options)
– Image capturing in 2D B&W mode and TrueView perspective
– “Show all” indicator now forces to show all scanned points
– „Align live section” – for 3D solid quality check



Shortly I will publish more detail post regarding this with some videos recorded as well as for all the new features. But for now I am done. Your comments and feedback are more than welcome.

And don’t hesitate to give me a shout, if you would like to try this heavily extended Undet ToolBox version!