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Railroad Infrastructure (Mobile Mapping)

3D laser scanning and UAV photogrammetry are widely used in topography and have significantly increased the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of these jobs. Measurements are made remotely, ensuring fast and secure environmental measurements in busy areas where traffic is restrictive (for example train stations, highways, airports, bridges …). And mobile scanning systems ensure super-fast data collection in cities or their quarters.

The point cloud is extremely useful because it allows you to analyze a complete 3D environment and obtain the required dimensions or identify the XYZ position of objects, complete and detailed data, eliminating repeated visits to the object, in case of missed actual objects, or random errors from traditional measurement methods.

UNDET solutions provide super-smooth workflow when you need to import very large point cloud data sets from mobile / UAV laser scanning systems or smaller area point cloud data captured with terrestrial scanners into CAD systems. The UNDET database structure will allow you to display fully detailed point cloud views. Advanced coloring settings will allow you to see all the detail of road lines, identify small manholes and other topography objects. By using well-thought-out tools and features for point cloud management, drawing topography plans will be smooth and very fast.

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