UNDET for ARES Commander 2020 NEW Features

UNDET for ARES Commander 2020 NEW Features

UNDET for ARES Commander 2020 NEW Features

The UNDET for ARES Commander plugin was developed to meet the need for a cost-effective solution to convert point clouds into 2D drawings and basic 3D models. The UNDET Point Cloud plugin for ARES Commander lets you import and handle point cloud data directly inside Ares Commander.

ARES Commander is a powerful, DWG-based CAD software for Windows. It is the number 1 alternative for CAD in DWG, trusted by industry leaders and millions of users.” by Graebert GmbH

UNDET tools are designed to ensure a super-smooth workflow with point clouds. UNDET with ARES Commander will help to cut down entry to market costs for those converting point cloud data into 2D drawings or 3D models, or significantly lower the annual costs of CAD systems for companies that have big drafter teams.

For existing CAD users, integration of ARES Commander will be super-smooth, it won’t require time to learn new software or technology. It has all the necessary features for native DWG editing and familiar CAD tools.

UNDET for ARES Commander 2020 NEW Features

The ribbon menu has been updated to make it more adoptable for end users. The new menu consists of the functions most necessary for super-smooth workflow when preparing documentation based on point clouds: UCS management tools, point cloud coloring and density settings, clipping box management tools, draw tools, modify tools and feature extraction tools.

A whole new mesh edit and management functions have been added. The UNDET ground surface mesh features will allow you to extract the pure ground surface from point clouds by eliminating vegetation, poles, cars and other noise. Using the new tools you will also be able to:

  • Slice mesh into parts, separate different surfaces areas
  • Extract contour lines
  • Create mesh profiles

Check out the new features overview video: Advanced mesh functionality

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The UNDET plugin is also available for:

UNDET for SketchUp© is currently the only hardware independent plug-in (Point Cloud Extension) on the market, allowing you to use any sized point cloud directly in SketchUp, without slowing it down.

UNDET for Revit© plugin, enables Revit point cloud users to experience better visibility, increased control and performance.

UNDET for AutoCAD© tools are designed to seamlessly accelerate workflow with point clouds for those who want to do everything right and super-smooth.

www.undet.com – for a super-smooth workflow with point clouds!

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