Undet for AutoCAD 2021 version new features

These release notes describe the features and enhancements of version 21 of the Undet for AutoCAD software.

The latest UNDET for AutoCAD release can be installed on AutoCAD,  AutoCAD Architecture,  AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D,  AutoCAD Plant 3D (supported versions: 2021, 2020, and 2019).

[ Auto Multi-Line ]

Automatically creates and fits a line to point cloud points to create a multi polyline.  Created multi polyline will be placed to UCS/WCS Z=0 achieving maximum accuracy based on point cloud points.

Additional options:  [ U ]Undo one step back;  [ M ]Manually draw the next line segment, when there are not enough points for auto fitting.; [ O ] -Insert the next segment at right angles (ORTHO) to the previous segment when there are not enough points for auto fitting.;  [ A ]Adjust feature extraction settings; [ C ]Close polygon or press [ ENTER ].

[ Undet Snap ]

Enable snapping to the 3D point cloud point. Switch ON/OFF UNDET SNAP in Osnap [ F3 ] selection list by selecting [ Undet Point ]

Tips and Tricks:  Use the [ SHIFT + 1 ] shortcut to temporarily enable/disable UNDET snapping to point cloud points while using the following functions:

LINE [ L ]; PLINE [ PL ]; INSERT [ I ]POINT [ PO ];  3DPOLY [ 3P ];  MTEXT [ MT ]; TEXT [ T ];  CIRCLE [ C ]; ARC [ ARC ]; MOVE [ M ];  COPY [ CO ];  “Move&Add Vertex”; EXTRUDE [ EXT ]; [PRESPULL ]DIMLINEAR ][ DIMALIGNED ][ DIM ]; DIST [ DI ].


[ Find Axis ] and [ Find All Axes ]

Automatically finds axis from visible point cloud points, and draw axis lines longer than 10 meters of length.

[ Find all Axes ] – Will Automatically find  the 7 most reliable axes longer than 10 meters in length.

[ Find Axis ] – Will automatically find the entered axes count, which are longer than 10 meters in length.

[ Find Most Reliable UCS Direction ]

Finds the most reliable UCS direction from selected lines

Tips and Tricks:  Use this function after [ Find Axis ] and [ Find All Axes ] tools to set the most reliable UCS direction, to continue drawing using ORTHO mode.

[ Align Lines by UCS ]

Aligns lines to saved UCS  X Y directions

Tips and Tricks:  Use this function to align axis or main lines to keep drawing standardized (to make the lines parallel and perpendicular to the saved UCS).

[ Join Lines ] and [ Join Multiple Lines ]

Extends and joins all selected lines into a closed polygon, or intersects two selected lines by extending them.

Tips and Tricks:  [Join Multiple] tools can be used in two ways:

  1. Start [ Join Multiple ] tool and select lines to join into a closed polyline.
  2. Select lines and use [ Join Multiple ] tool to create a closed polyline from selected lines.

[ Mark Not UCS Lines ]

Mark lines which are not in ortho directions according to UCS.

[ Lines Vertical Deformation ] analysis

Analyzes lines fitting to point cloud points creating vertical deformations images in the active view section base. Deformation rasters will be created for each selected line, with selected settings.

Tips and Tricks: Recommended for use to automate deformation analysis or make quality assurance for 2D floor plans.

[ Drape Polyline to Points ], [ Drape Block to Mesh ] and [ Drape Block to Points ]

Drapes polylines, blocks, points to the mesh surface or point cloud points automatically finding the actual ground surface by eliminating noise (bushes, trees, cars, other noise)

Tips and Tricks: The blocks will be draped according to the location of the insert point

[ Check 3D Polyline Vertex ] and [ Check Block Z position ]

Check and adjust each 3D polyline vertex, Points, or Blocks heights.

Tips and Tricks: The tool can be used as a quality assurance tool to check height annotations or adjust 3Dpoly vertex heights to create a mesh.

[ Fitz 3D vertex ]

Unifies selected 3D polyline vertices Z position when XY coordinates are the same.

[ Create mesh ] using 3D polyline area or boundary vertex only

Now ground surface mesh can be created by 3d Polygon (using 3d polyline outline).

Tips and Tricks: By choosing the base point location to create a mesh you will be able to interpolate point clouds removing vegetation and noise to create the ground surface mesh, or create a mesh using only 3D polyline vertexes.  If selected the base point location will be inside the polygon, the mesh will be created using all visible point cloud points in the polygon, otherwise, the mesh will be created using only 3D polyline vertexes.

[ Draw Elevation Line ] and [ Generate Tasks ]

The tool is designed for automated task generation when preparing facade and/or section drawings.

[ Draw Elevation Line ] – Draw elevation/section line with view direction mark

[ Generate Tasks ] – Generate elevation/section drawings by selected lines and add (xref) to the main drawing. Generated drawings will be placed in the same location as the main DWG. We recommend saving the original drawing before using this feature.

Tips and Tricks: The direction of the drawn Elevation line can be adjusted using the [ REVERSE ] function.

Datum line-height text and position will be dictated by the initial elevation line Z value or UCS plane height.

[ Roll-out & Export ]

Unroll active view section according to the selected polyline configuration and export as a new UNDET project.

Auto scanning stations/positions grouping

Auto-group scan stations/positions into external and internal level groups. 

[ Full Project ] – Auto group scan stations/positions by selected polygon into external and internal groups divided into different levels.

[ Inside Only ] – Auto group scan stations/positions by selected polygon into internal groups divided into different levels.

Imperial - Metric units selection

Fast project unit selection and scaling options have beed added: Original (metric); Optimized for 3D modeling (metric); Inches; Millimeters and Add/Modify…*

* After coordinate transformation, it will take several minutes to recalculate the coloring palettes (the recalculation time depends on the project size (from a 2 to 30 minutes).

Change scanning station - position bubble center (BB) size

Added option to change the scanning station/position bubble view (BB) symbol size.

License Engine upgrade to e-license​ type

The new software-based license engine will allow you toactivate licenses faster , make it easier to transfer a license to another computer, and manage company office licenses in one place.

The new license management portal can be reached at https://activation.undet.com/

Other improvements:

The latest UNDET for AutoCAD release can be installed on AutoCAD,  AutoCAD Architecture,  AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D,  AutoCAD Plant 3D (supported versions: 2021, 2020, and 2019).