Undet for SketchUp V2.0 Release. What’s new?

Undet for SketchUp V2.0 Release. What’s new?

A year ago we introduced the first version of Undet extension that allows to utilize any scan data directly in SketchUp environment. Today we are launching the second version and introducing a bunch of exciting improvements that enables advanced point cloud processing.

The second Undet version supports the new SketchUp 2017 which, in fact, was the biggest challenge for our development team. Since the new SketchUp made some major improvements to their graphics pipeline, we also had to rebuild Undet application from its foundation.

Along with the support of SketchUp 2017 we improved snapping to point cloud points, implemented coordinate system transformation and introduced a whole new automated features extraction functionality that allows to detect and automatically extract planes corner lines and surface meshes.

Watch the “What’s New” video for a more detail overview of the new functionality.

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