Undet indexer (project creator)

Undet project database is created to handle massive point clouds and allow efficient management. 

Data structure that would allow: the import and use of all point clouds on the market, easily view them – crop (clip), group, or change coloring settings while maintaining the original data structure and properties. 

Undet indexer is standalone software and it is free with all Undet solutions.

Created to handle massive point clouds

Create point cloud projects from a wide range of scanners: airborne, mobile mapping, terrestrial or any other 3D sensors. Supported formats *.E57, *.FLS, *.RCP, *.PTX,  *.ZFS,*.LAS, *.LAZ, *.PTS, *.DP, *.FPR, *.LSPROJ, *.FWS, *.CL3, *.CLR, *.RSP, ASCII / NEZ (X,Y,Z/i/RGB).

Limitless project size

One project for all Undet solutions

Select one or all applications in which you will use created project:

  • Undet for AutoCAD 
  • Undet for Revit
  • Undet with Ares Commander 
  • Undet for SketchUp

Project type

Select Project type for optimal point cloud performance:

  • LiDAR data management and analysis
  • Topography, corridor mapping, 3D city modeling
  • Buildings, Infrastructure objects, plants 
  • Detailed scanned small objects 

Selecting the right project type speeds up the indexing process, without losing full point cloud points.

Point cloud file grouping

Combine individual scan stations into groups: for each floor/level, outside or separated scans.

This will allow you to control the visibility of created groups, classes or individual scans stations/files.

Regrouping data files after indexing can be done in every Undet software.

Additional point cloud filtering

An additional option to filter out very dense points (duplicates in 2mm 3D distance), which is necessary to create 3D models, or 2D drawings in scale 1:200-1:50.

Project Clipping Box

Eliminate unwanted points to get a clearer and more comfortable point cloud project view by selecting project area boundaries.

  • Eliminate distant unnecessary points
  • Create a project from the complete point cloud dataset only in the required location.

Custom point clouds format settings

Possibility to upload a non-standard point cloud file, usually text files.

Manually selecting separators and column fields for column values.

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