Undet indexer (project creator)

Undet indexer (project creator) is a standalone software to import and create UNDET project from your point cloud data to use it with our plugins.

Supported point cloud formats: *.E57, *.FLS, *.RCP, *.PTX, *.ZFS,*.LAS, *.LAZ, *.PTS, *.DP, *.FPR, *.LSPROJ, *.FWS, *.CL3, *.CLR, *.RSP, ASCII / NEZ (X,Y,Z/i/RGB) and custom ASCII / TXT file format import.

Benefits of using UNDET project


Fast indexing (project creation time)

Create an UNDET project from your point cloud data 3-7 times faster than Autodesk ReCap software*

* Based on testing performed (Undet Indexer vs. Autodesk ReCap) | comparison video

Undet Indexer

Autodesk ReCap

E57 -10 pcs. (9.51 GB)
10 min.

FLS – 19 pcs. (4.86 GB)
12 min.

E57 -10 pcs. (9.51 GB)
41 min.

FLS – 19 pcs. (4.86 GB)
1h 16 min.

Test results with standard settings; point cloud decimation off.

Project types for optimal point cloud performance:

Selecting the right project type speeds up the indexing process, without losing full point cloud points

  • LiDAR data management and analysis
  • Topography, corridor mapping, 3D city modeling
  • Buildings, Infrastructure objects, plants 
  • Detailed scanned small objects 

A double file structure will allow you accelerate point cloud visualization for smooth workflow with large point cloud files

  • Preview points
  • Full points

Interactive coloring management

The UNDET database retains the full-color properties of imported files. Once point cloud files are not merged into one “dead set”. You will be able to get the clearest point cloud visualization to see all the details.

Coloring settings: RGB, Intensity, by Z, by plane with different color palettes & smart auto contrast features, which will save lots of time adjusting the point cloud coloring view.

Grouping and visibility

In the UNDET database individual scan position files are not merged into a single “dead set”. Combining individual scan stations into groups will allow you to control the visibility of created groups, classes or individual scan stations/files to get the clearest possible view and understand an objects structure quickly.

Imported point cloud data files grouping can be done in Undet indexer or in any Undet plugin.