Undet4SketchUp V18 – free until Oct 5th 2018

Undet4SketchUp V18 – free until Oct 5th 2018

3D Basecamp is SketchUp’s biennial user conference where people who love SketchUp go to meet, learn, and inspire. This year 3D Base Camp is held in Palm Springs, CA and we happen to be one of the sponsors that are paving the way for an amazing week in this sunny resort.

We are exhibiting on September 26-28. If you are attending this amazing event pop up to our booth and learn how to bring any Scan Data into SketchUp environment and how to turn point clouds into models.

Furthermore, on Thursday, September 27, 10:45am – 11:45am don’t miss a workshop on “Modelling from scan data and point clouds in SketchUp” presented by David Burczyk from Trimble and Mitchel Stangl from Stangl Associates.

See more details on the class and who is attending here.

This class provides a quick overview of registering point clouds in Realworks and demonstrates the workflow for modeling point clouds in SketchUp using the plugin Undet. Participants will need a laptop running Windows (either a Windows laptop or a Mac running bootcamp). Everyone will need to install the software prior to the class. Don’t worry about the activation everyone can use Undet4SketchUp V18 for free throughout the event and until October 5th. Just make sure to download the extended trial.

In the meantime, we invite you to get to know Undet4SketchUp V18 better and read the new How-to-Start Guide. Also watch a video that shows how to group individual scans in the new Undet4SketchUp Scan Data Dialog.