Undet4SketchUp V2.1 release: Issues with graphical cards fixed

Undet4SketchUp V2.1 release: Issues with graphical cards fixed

Thanks to all users that pointed and helped us to solve this. Undet4SketchUp V2.0 had some issues with AMD, NVIDIA Quadro series and integrated video cards on SU 2017. In some cases the point cloud was not visible in others Undet asked to update your video card drivers. We fixed this in the new version V2.1. Find more details on each of the video cards bellow.

AMD video cards. Undet for SketchUp now supports AMD video cards.

NVIDIA Quadro series. All NVIDIA cards except Quadro series worked well before. Now Quadro series are also supported but requires to launch SketchUp via “Undet for SKetchUp” icon.

Important for Quadro series users. In order to launch Undet and SketchUp with your Quadro graphical processor you must launch SketchUp via a separate “Undet for SketchUp” icon.

Integrated video cards. Although the new version works with integrated video cards, we strongly advise using high-performance graphical processors like NVIDIA or AMD for a much better performance.

Download the new version from the product page.

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