Visit Undet at the GeoBusiness 2016 in London

Visit Undet at the GeoBusiness 2016 in London

Next week is going to be exciting! We are exhibiting at the GeoBusiness Show 2016, London | 24-25 May.

Come and visit us on our Stand F15.
We will showcase point cloud software solutions for AutoCAD and for SketchUp and also you will learn what we are up to next.

Attend our workshop session: Tuesday 24 May at 9.30, Room K.
You will learn how to efficiently process massive point clouds, improve 2D/3D/BIM workflows, reduce project timelines, drive productivity and save money.

Undet for AutoCAD is an excellent choice for Geospatial professionals that are vectorizing massive point clouds every day. Check out what some of our UK users say about Undet:

Roger Thurston, Senior Data Processing Engineer (Geomatics) for Tata Steal Projects (TSP):

“Using Undet has helped us to improve our models and to reduce the time spent in creating them considerably, allowing us to reduce costs and improve on delivery times. The time spent in producing models is now typically 30% less than it was previously.”

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Tori Wilkinson, CAD Manager for Siteline Geomatics:

“We have used Undet for close to a year now and have found the improvements in our workflow to be significant. The interface is very user-friendly and highly intuitive and the software incredibly stable, allowing us to work with far larger data sets within the AutoCAD environment than was previously possible.”

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Andrew Maltby, Chartered Surveyor and one of the directors of Maltby Surveys:

“UNDET’s roots stem from practising surveyors with a firm grasp on surveying principles. It’s refreshing to have access to software developers that have a clear understanding of what surveyors need.”

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Positive vibe from the first users of our latest R&D project Undet for SketchUp that was officially released on December 1st 2015:

“It looks to be as intuitive to use as SU, itself”
“Great to be able to use point clouds in SketchUp finally!”
“Amazing job on the toolkit and feature set. It’s impressive”

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