New Features Update

Undet for ARES Commander 2024.0.3

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The latest update for Undet in ARES Commander 2024.0.3 introduces the following features:


  • Automatic Line Extraction tool that makes it quicker and easier to draw lines on a point cloud section with maximum accuracy.
  • Orthophoto Creation tool to quickly render point cloud slices into orthophoto images.
  • Profile Image Creation tool to understand the profile view quickly and accurately without additional slicing and rotating of the point cloud.
  • New Point Cloud Snapping Modes: highest, lowest, or nearest point to control the snapping level even from the top projection or to eliminate possible snapping mistakes due to mixed or noisy points.
  • Terrain Mesh Extraction in selected 3D polygon to accurately build terrain surface in specified area.
  • Specialized Exploding tool for converting blocks of Undet Browser annotations into solid text objects.
  • Faster 3D/BIM Model Inspection QC tool to ensure the accuracy of your 3D model by easily identifying any missed or inaccurate details.

If your 3D laser scanning projects demand efficient Point-Cloud-to-CAD software solutions for accurate conversion of scan data into 2D drawings (such as floor plans, elevations, and sections), this Undet’s solution might be exactly what you’re looking for. By combining the powerful Undet plug-in tools with ARES Commander CAD simplicity, we offer you an intuitive workflow to create 2D drawings based on precise as-built point cloud data quickly and easily. This suite not only enhances point cloud performance but also offers cost-effectiveness, making it a valuable tool for 3D laser scanning service providers.


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