Undet Point Cloud to CAD solution

Specialized software suite to produce 2D drawings from scan data

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Turn Point Cloud into 2D Drawings Quickly and Easily

It has already become commonplace for surveying professionals to use terrestrial laser scanners and represent this data as a 3D point cloud. There is also a growing need to convert this data into 2D drawings. Understanding this need, and the challenges in the market, we have partnered with Graebert (the developer of ARES Commander) to create a specialized suite of software to help you quickly and easily produce accurate 2D drawings (elevations, floor plans, sections) based on 3D laser scan data.

By combining the powerful Undet plug-in tools with ARES Commander CAD simplicity, we offer you an intuitive workflow to create 2D drawings based on precise as-built point cloud data quickly and easily.
Point Cloud plugin
Undet Point Cloud plugin for Ares Commander
This video is focusing on essential features of the Undet Point Cloud Plugin for ARES Commander. Undet lets you import and handle point cloud data directly inside the ARES Commander from any 3D laser scanner or drone mapping system.
Specialized Tools for Floor Plan creation
This video is focusing on the advanced features to speed up the creation of accurate as-builts floor plans based on 3D point clouds. In the Undet plugin, you will find built-in and ready-to-use templates, dynamic blocks, and specialized workspace.
Specialized Tools to Annotate Floor Plan Drawing using Undet Browser
This video is focusing on specialized features to speed up and improve floor plan annotation workflow using Undet tools including unique features of Undet Browser.
2D & 3D CAD Software
How the User Interface of ARES Commander compares with AutoCAD?
Watch the video to understand how ARES Commander is offering an easy switch. AutoCAD users can instantly start using ARES Commander without any training.
Comparing fundamental CAD features of ARES Commander vs AutoCAD
This video is focusing on the comparison for the fundamental CAD features that are used by 80% of the users
Printing, Sheet Sets and PDF Import/Export using ARES Commander CAD Software
This video is focusing on the advanced features for printing and PDF, proving that ARES is making no compromises and even going one step further for PDF import.
  • Point cloud import from any laser scanner or drone: *.E57, *.FLS, *.RCP/RCS, *.PTX, *.ZFS,*.LAS, *.LAZ, *.PTS, *.PLY, *.DP, *.FPR, *.LSPROJ, *.FWS, *.CL3, *.CLR, *.RSP, ASCII / NEZ (X,Y,Z/i/RGB) and custom ASCII / TXT file format import.

  • Bunch of easy-to-use tools for viewing and working with slices (view sections) of 3D point cloud data to easily control the information you see in your model view.

  • Point cloud visualization tools adjust the colours of point clouds with a unique “auto contrast” feature. Colouring modes with additional settings: by source (RGB), by intensity, by plane, by Z, and by custom colours.

  • Specialized tools for floor plan creation to speed up the creation of accurate floor plans based on 3D point clouds.

  • 3D point cloud viewer integration to understand & see better what the point cloud represents, together with exclusive tools to relocate point cloud slices and 50+ scripts and blocks to annotate your drawings.

  • Surface meshing tools to automatically extract pure ground surface mesh with additional tools to edit extracted mesh: decimate, close holes, remove spikes, remove edges, join & export meshes, apply texture and create sections.

  • Coordinates system manager to move your point cloud quickly and align scan data to the 3D model, UCS or move it to optimized coordinates to avoid screen glitching when working georeferenced point clouds.

  • ARES Commander is a switch made easy – providing a familiar look & feel that is intuitive for any experienced CAD user. Much more than a cost-effective alternative for DWG-editing, ARES Commander is making no compromises in features and innovations. Compare ARES Commander vs AutoCAD >>>



  • 100% DWG. ARES Commander is using the latest DWG file format, without any import or export. Read and modify drawings created with AutoCAD® (or other similar programs) and save directly in the same format. This includes any version of DWG from the very first ones to the latest versions of DWG.

  • Modern Collaboration Features for DWG Projects. The ARES Trinity is not a package of three separate products; it is a cohesive, fully integrated solution for 2D/3D CAD. The addition of Cloud and Mobile technologies to Desktop CAD unlocks new workflows and improves collaboration among project team members, no matter where they’re located or what device they’re using. Learn more >>>

  • DWG for BIM features in ARES Commander. The new View Navigator is particularly useful for BIM projects, including Revit or IFC models imported into ARES Commander. You can easily examine your model from different angles, and create BIM drawings from them by using the Plan, Section, and Elevation features. Learn more >>>

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Turn point cloud into 2D drawings quickly and easily

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