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Enhance your modeling skills with Undet’s powerful tools designed for working with point cloud data. Whether you’re studying architecture, engineering, or surveying, Undet offers a comprehensive suite of features to strengthen your expertise. Simply register with us and provide proof of your enrollment in an educational institution to access this exclusive offer. Once verified, you’ll enjoy complimentary access to Undet’s advanced tools and features for three months.


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For Educational institutions, Research institutes, Associations and Labs

Choose the Best Licensing Option for Your Institution

Whether you require individual educational licenses, training class licenses for larger groups, or wish to explore our free trial option, Undet offers the perfect solution for your institution. With customizable options and flexible pricing, you can ensure that your institution obtains precisely what it needs to succeed:

  • Individual educational licenses – 50% off a regular price.
  • Training classes licenses (10, 20, 30 user lab) – from € 120 annual fee per user.

For Educational institutions, Research institutes, Associations and Labs image