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Point cloud extension that enriches and streamlines your Scan-to-BIM workflow

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What can Undet for Revit do for you?


Undet empowers Revit Point Cloud users to enhance the SCAN2BIM process, increasing productivity and accuracy. Our tools reduce the manual work needed to transform point cloud data into BIM models by nearly two times.

Undet for Revit
Integration with Undet Browser

Just select an unclear 3D data point in the CAD model and Undet Browser will deliver the oriented view from the nearest scan stations.

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  • With Undet for Revit plugin, there’s no need to import heavy RCP (Recap) files just to view detailed point cloud slices in Revit. This approach avoids bogging down Revit’s performance. Undet optimizes the process of converting point clouds into digital models in Revit, enhancing efficiency and time management.

  • The Fit Wall & Column tool will let you quickly model walls by picking 3 points in a point cloud slice, creating fixed pitch wall/columns types. You can choose on how to model: individual wall fragments or an entire wall chain.

  • Fit Opening tool allows you facilitate windows & doors placement by clicking two diagonal points.

  • Profile Maker tool will let you streamline the process of creating profiles from point clouds for various architectural elements like railings, stringers, wall sweeps, and reveals.

  • Topo Creation tools allow you quickly and intuitive project or create a topo surface on a point cloud.

  • Batch Processing feature allows you to create multiple raster images in multiple views with just one click. Meaning you no longer need to manually create point cloud slices one by one in all the Revit views.

  • Auto Floor & Ceiling tools allows to automate the process of creating floors and ceilings based on point cloud points.

  • Instance Parameters to Type Parameters tool lets you to use instance parameters for faster modelling, and later on convert selected Windows and Doors objects to Type Parameters objects as should be used in BIM models.

  • The spot annotation tool lets you quickly understand point cloud changes in heights. For example, it is possible to quickly find out the ceiling heights and their differences without having to create new sections while working on a plan view.

  • Call Browser function lets you open a panoramic view of the scan position, allowing you to quickly understand a point cloud slice.  Also, by using the Undet Browser Translate View Section tool you can quickly shift the point cloud slice to see that you want to see.

  • View Sync 3D model view feature to synchronize the Undet Browser and a Revit 3D model to see the identical view simultaneously from the same camera position.

  • Model Inspection QC tools to generate QC Report based on 360-degree scan station images in Undet Browser to ensure the accuracy or identify missing parts of 3D model. 

  • Warning Manager tool to speed up the process of identifying, isolating, and removing warnings, saving time, and increasing the efficiency of problem resolution.

  • Create Views tool for quick analysis of Revit element’s representation, correction, alignment, and comparison against point cloud points.

  • Align Walls and Columns tool with various alignment methods: auto axis, project north, selected walls, and grids.

  • Elements analysis tool to set “Modelling Tolerance” parameter to the properties of each BIM element to reflect its reliability against the point cloud. This tool will allow you to identify which architectural elements are modelled inaccurately or unreliably.

  • Surface Analysis tools to compare your 3D model to the point cloud to check for accuracy while modelling.

  • Quick access to point cloud viewer to view and analyze your 3D reality data in a way that feels like being live on site.

  • Point cloud rendering mode by reference plane in fixed intervals to quickly understand changes in geometry to draw or identify missing lines/objects.

  • Fast and easy point cloud data import into Revit. Works with any 3D laser scanner, UAV or photogrammetry software. Supported point cloud formats: *.E57, *.FLS, *.RCP/RCS, *.PTX, *.ZFS,*.LAS, *.LAZ, *.PTS, *.PLY, *.DP, *.FPR, *.LSPROJ, *.FWS, *.CL3, *.CLR, *.RSP, ASCII / NEZ (X,Y,Z/i/RGB) and custom ASCII / TXT file format imports.

  • Point cloud visualization with multiple colour modes: by source (RGB), by intensity, by plane, by Z (height), by scan stations, and by additional transparency mode.

  • Software is optimized to maintain high computer and software performance even when working with large amounts of point cloud datasets (hundreds or even thousands of scan stations/files).

  • Intuitive point cloud viewer integration to understand & see better what the point cloud represents. 

  • Coordinates system manager to move your point cloud quickly and align scan data to the 3D model, or automatically adjust the coordinate system from the georeferenced point cloud, or read coordinates from the attached Recap file.

  • Quick access to hide/show loaded 3D point cloud and change coloring mode.

  • 3D point cloud slicing tool by irregular polygons.

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* Undet works with Windows only. Compatible with Revit 2020, 2022, 2023 & 2024. 

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