Undet Browser

A powerful yet simple to use point cloud viewer

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What can Undet Browser do for you?

Undet Browser is a free stand-alone point cloud viewer, created specifically to help you view, analyze and navigate your digital data as a panoramic view. Helping you to better and more quickly understand of your scan data and share it with colleagues and customers.

Easy vizualization & navigation

View and explore your 3D reality data in a way that feels like being live on site. Dynamically and quickly move within your project by clicking on the different scan positions. Analyze your project in intensity colours (black&white), or in the real colour scale if scanned using the RGB option.

Take measurements simply and quickly

Undet Browser makes it easy and quick to take distance and height measurements. Just take a virtual walk through the 360 panoramic view and take the measurements you need, just like you would be on site. It's so easy to use that it doesn't matter if you have experience in engineering, surveying, or construction.

Easy & simple 3D reality data sharing

The Undet Browser point cloud viewer makes it possible to share point cloud data easily and quickly, even with those team members and customers who have no CAD or 3D skills, improving communications and collaboration.

Undet Browser

A video overview just in 5 minutes

We have created a short tutorial to find your way around Undet Browser quickly and easily. In this video you will see how to navigate through the point cloud project, take simple measurements such as heights and distances and share your project with others.

However, Undet Browser isn’t just a simple point cloud viewer

It has a truly unique feature that changes everything!

Just one click on an unclear point in CAD software, and you will AUTOMATICALLY see the same position in our new point cloud viewer.

Yes, that's right - one click!

Viewing a point cloud in a CAD model isn’t always easy. And frequently, you need to look at another screen loaded with 360-degree panoramic images. How fast can you identify the nearest scan position and find the same object in a 3D point cloud?
With Undet Browser you can do it with just one click. Just select an unclear 3D data point in the CAD model and Undet Browser will deliver the oriented view from the nearest scan stations. This integration works while using Undet plugins for SketchUp, AutoCAD, Revit, or Ares Commander.

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