Undet Browser

The Undet browser can be used in your favorite modeling software, with Undet line products exclusive for FARO SCENE Webshare Cloud  and NavVis Indoor viewer users:

Undet Browser is a standalone software and it is free with Undet solution: | Undet for Revit | Undet for AutoCAD | Undet with Ares Commander |

Undet browser connects your scan data from Undet project with FARO SCENE Webshare Cloud service, allowing you to view objects or situations in clearly understandable full resolution panoramic images, mark small objects location, shift the clipping box, and get direct view from scan station point clouds to panoramic scan images and reverse. 

Undet Browser functionality

Locate SCENE WebShare view by picking a point

Locate Scans station view from the SCENE WebShare cloud:

– By picking a point cloud point 
– By clicking on the Scan station center in the model space

Shift Clipping Box (View Section) location

Shift Clipping Box (View Section) location by clicking in the Undet Browser view.

Shift can be in a Z direction or in the 3D space (XYZ).

Place 3D point in CAD/Revit model by click in browser

Create new point or block object by clicking the Scans station view in the Undet browser.

The created block/point will we placed in the model space.

Manually script function editing

Highly skilled AutoCAD and Ares Commander user can write own script to get specific function, as example:

– Insert AutoCAD block / anotation

– Start to draw 3D line in selected 3D point