Undet Browser

Browse 3D point cloud and 360-degree panoramic images at the same time

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Do you use an additional 3D viewer to browse your scan data while modeling, so that you can better understand the situation in point cloud view?

When modelling and drawing based on 3d point cloud data, for visual reference, you may need to view another screen loaded with 360-degree panoramic images. How fast do you think you could find the same point cloud location in a panoramic scan viewer? With Undet Browser you can do this with just a single click. Undet will automatically find the nearest scan positions, open them in Undet Browser and straighten the view in the 360-degree panoramic images to match the selected object in the 3D point cloud.

What is Undet Browser?

Undet Browser works as a 3D panoramic image viewer and connects 3D point cloud files from an Undet project with the CAD model space via Undet plug-ins.

What makes Undet Browser so exceptional?

Undet Browser significantly speeds up QA/QC processes and ensures high-quality deliverables – just select an unclear 3D data point in the CAD model and the Browser delivers the oriented view from the nearest scan stations.

Integrated with Undet products

Compatible with Undet plug-ins for AutoCAD, Revit and Ares Commander, a CAD platform with Undet integration used for producing 2D drawings based on 3D scan data.

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