Undet Browser

Undet Browser is a standalone software that works as a 3D panoramic image viewer and connects your 3D point cloud files from your UNDET project with the CAD model space via UNDET plugins. Undet Browser projects can be created from any 3D point cloud files, which have (bubble view) center information: *.E57, *.IPCP, *.FLS, *.ZFS, *.RCP, *.PTX.

Compatible with UNDET plugins:

Undet for AutoCAD

Undet for Revit

What makes UNDET Browser exceptional?

Undet Browser is not just a viewer for your 3D scan data. Undet Browser offers a unique feature for two-way communication between 3D point cloud data in CAD models and 360-degree panoramic images. In addition to immediate 3D point transfer to the CAD model space (Draw To CAD), we offer features to shift the “clipping box” or automatically locate Scan station panoramic view in Undet Browser by picking a point cloud point or Scan station center.

What benefits will UNDET Browser bring you?

Examine high-accuracy Point Cloud files as clearly understandable 360-degree panoramic images!

Enhance your workflows! Two-way communication between UNDET plugins and UNDET Browser will help you make more informed decisions, and improve navigation & annotation.

Ensure quality of deliverables, by picking an unclear 3D data place in the CAD model, you will get the oriented view from the nearest scan stations.


Free standalone 360-degree panoramic image viewer generated from point clouds.

Extensive compatibility with various point cloud file formats: *.E57, *.IPCP, *.FLS, *.ZFS, *.RCP and *.PTX.

Draw Points tool to immediately send 3D points to the CAD model space by clicking them in UNDET Browser.

Shift active view section (clipping box) to the preferred place.

Backwards communication from point cloud to UNDET browser.

Manually written script/lisp support for advanced CAD users.

Change Elevation tool to assign Z value to draw new CAD object by clicking in the UNDET Browser.

FARO Webshare Cloud service Integration

Ready to see how Undet Browser can enhance your workflow?