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Accelerate production of accurate 2D, 3D & BIM deliverables based on 3D laser scan data

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Undet is truly unique

Searching for a fast and efficient way to turn point cloud data into 3D models and 2D drawings? Undet provides a solution unlike any other on the market. This is because Undet has been developed by Terra Modus, a laser scanning company. Meaning we know the challenges you face each day turning scanned data into 2/3D deliverables, because we face them too. Enabling us to create a fast and easy to use solutions with innovative features you won't find anywhere else.

Increase Point Cloud Performance & Visibility

Undet allows users to work efficiently with large point clouds to simplify their management for viewing and working with slices to understand the structure of objects quickly and find what you want to see.

Ensure better deliverables

Produce reliable, accurate results based on point clouds captured with any laser scanner.

Increase your profits

Get the job done faster with intuitive point cloud extraction tools that increase efficiency on your reality capture projects.

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Undet's knowledgeable team is on hand to provide the support you need: consulting & training.



Software suite NEW

To create 2D as-built documentation from Point Clouds

It has already become commonplace for surveying professionals to use terrestrial laser scanners and represent this data as a 3D point cloud. There is also a growing need to convert this data into 2D drawings. Understanding this need, and the challenges in the market, we have partnered with Graebert (the developer of ARES Commander) to create a specialised suite of software to help you quickly and easily produce accurate 2D drawings (elevations, floor plans, sections) based on 3D laser scan data.
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Undet plug-in for


Undet plug-in for


We Let Them Speak For Us!
Simon Judd
Maltby Surveys
Undet for Revit

At Maltby Surveys we are currently using the Undet plugin suite across all of our CAD authoring platforms. This feature packed software is easy to use and quick to load, allowing extremely large data sets to be visualized and worked upon in a very fast and efficient manner. We have had Undet for a number of years now and it is used by all of our CAD/Revit Modellers on a daily basis providing a vital component in their modelling workflow, and, having used many point cloud tools in the past (Pointools, cloudworx, Recap etc) Undet is certainly the best we...


Peter Amerongen
Managing Partner, Butterwick Projects
Undet for SketchUp

Undet solved our point cloud extraction problem brilliantly. We needed a way to extract building geometry from point clouds so that we could design and dimension Energiesprong type retrofit panels. The process had to be fast, easy to use, easy to learn, precise and reliable. Undet does it all. The plane and corner extraction tools give us the basic building outline quickly with the accuracy we need (+/- 6mm)- even with a non-survey grade scanner. Two other features combine to make locating the building details fast, reliable and accurate. The first is the ability to increase the visible point cloud...


Jersey Laser Scanning Limited
Undet for AutoCAD

I run a 3D laser survey company which produces as built 3D models and Topographical surveys in Revit. I have just changed my entire workflow from AutoCAD to Revit so still have some level of familiarity with AutoCAD. I was looking for ground cleaning software that could handle some of the large topographical files I collect. With a number of the products that I fond during my research it was hard to find a blend that wasn't complicated, prone to blue screening due to memory limitations or with limits of the size of point clouds. Undet for AutoCAD seemed to...


Tori Wilkinson
CAD Manager, Siteline Geomatics
Undet for AutoCAD

We have used Undet for a year now and have found the improvements in our workflow to be significant. The interface is very user-friendly and highly intuitive and the software incredibly stable, allowing us to work with far larger data sets within the AutoCAD environment than was previously possible. We are now able to import an entire scan project into CAD, no longer wasting time pre-processing it into smaller chunks nor loading and unloading them whilst drawing – everything is readily available at our fingertips. Visually, the quality of the data is crisp and the colour control options vast. The...


Roger Thurston
Senior Data Processing Engineer , TSP Projects
Undet for AutoCAD

With Undet we can easily create classes and scan groups e.g. scans inside and outside the railway. This allows us to turn off areas of point cloud data that are not required and concentrate only on the area of interest. The resulting display is both quicker and more detailed. The ease of handling within Undet when creating point cloud view sections has helped us to create models in a much more timely and efficient manner but the tool that has most impressed is the SmartBoard. With SmartBoard you can easily create profiles or cross sections with the required depth; an...


Luke Stamper
Formby Surveys Ltd.
Undet for AutoCAD

We use UNDET on a daily basis. One particular example of how we use the software is when we scanned a local school with a Leica P20 scanner, totalling nearly 100 individual scans. Following the registration process, we utilising UNDET to help us to separate scans of each floor plan together with the building’s exterior in order to process the external elevations. UNDET makes sense when viewed from a technical perspective, but the software also makes commercial sense to us as it has given us huge advantages in terms of time-saving benefits as we can now process large point counts...


Kevin Spencer
GlasSpace, Architectural Glass & Structural Glazing - UK
Undet for SketchUp

The Undet for SketchUp extension has given a massive boost to our company in terms of productivity, product quality, and efficiency. We build bespoke frameless structural glass extensions to fit snugly against buildings, which are seldom flat or even, using multiple glass panels weighing up to 800kg each, which either fit or they don’t. We used to measure everything carefully by hand the old-fashioned way, but how ever hard we tried we often had to remake wrongly sized panels which cost a fortune. Since using Undet for Sketchup in February 2018 everything is so much easier, and so far, we...


Mark Pawlaczyk
Company Owner, ScapeSketch
Undet for SketchUp

I'm grateful to the Undet team for developing such a useful piece of software and recognizing Sketchup as a significant design tool worthy of a plugin. I use Undet every day to create Sketchup models from my laser scanners e57 files. The newly released "Scenes" functionality is super slick and enables me to record cloud point limit boxes and other cloud settings on top of SU's scene settings, which allows me to juxtapose my cloud and model just right for unique visuals and return to the state when needed. The CAD team is also fantastic at converting point cloud data...


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