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About Undet

Undet was developed by 3D measurement professionals with an excellent understanding of the needs and challenges that come with 3D measurement and as-built documentation preparation based on point clouds. 

Reality capture and data processing are our daily work, and these go hand in hand with software development. 

Know-how is our core strength. Top IT specialists and developers are working together in cooperation with 3D laser scanning professionals for one reason – to develop best-in-class tools for preparing accurate and reliable as-built documentation.


Undet worldwide distribution network

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Undet Product Manager
Marius Putrimas

Undet worldwide distribution network


I-V 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM. Europe
(Vilnius) UTC/GMT +2 hours


UAB Terra Modus

S. Zukausko st. 17, Vilnius, Lithuania LT-08234
VAT ID: LT100002985010
Registration nr: LT145669662
BANK AB “Citadele”
IBAN LT867290000016467911

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