Simon Judd

At Maltby Surveys we are currently using the Undet plugin suite across all of our CAD authoring platforms.

This feature packed software is easy to use and quick to load, allowing extremely large data sets to be visualized and worked upon in a very fast and efficient manner.

We have had Undet for a number of years now and it is used by all of our CAD/Revit Modellers on a daily basis providing a vital component in their modelling workflow, and, having used many point cloud tools in the past (Pointools, cloudworx, Recap etc) Undet is certainly the best we have used to date.

The support and communication that the team provide is outstanding, with any issue resolved in a quick and professional manner. The team welcomes feedback and listens to their users by adding additional features where possible.

Undet also have a browser plugin that links to Faro Websharecloud and the Navis viewing platform which, when connected, will provide a link between the online viewers and the cad software. This link allows the user to navigate and create points/lines in CAD by simply clicking in the viewer.

Well done Undet, keep up the great work