How to Create Accurate Revit Families Using Point Clouds

How to create Revit Families based on point clouds

How to Create Accurate Revit Families Using Point Clouds


The SCAN2BIM process involves converting point cloud data captured by laser scanning into BIM models. Basic Revit families and blocks are not enough for detailed modelling with LOD300-350 detail. Therefore, accurate Revit families based on point clouds are often necessary.

Usually, importing point clouds into Revit Family Editor is not easy. You have to add additional reference lines and measurements from the 3D point cloud, which is a laborious and time-consuming process with the risk of making mistakes.

With Undet for Revit, this is not an issue because point cloud images are already at the correct scale to be inserted into the Family Editor. In this guide, we’ll walk through the steps of creating a Revit Family using Undet, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the process:

  1. Uploading an Undet point cloud project.
  2. Creating detailed point cloud images for interior and exterior views.
  3. Copying the created images into a Revit Family.
  4. Creating a Revit Family from Point Cloud images.
  5. Completion and insertion of the created family object into the 3D model.

Software used in the video content: #Revit & #Undet for Revit plugin

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