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New Tools in Undet for Revit Plugin for Efficient Point Cloud Modeling

New Tools in Undet for Revit Plugin for Efficient Point Cloud Modeling


We’re thrilled to share new features and improvements of Undet for Revit plugin, which empowers Revit professionals by streamlining the SCAN2BIM process, increasing productivity and accuracy. Get a first look at the new Undet features:

Feature update list with more detailed descriptions in the videos:

  • Fit Opening tool to facilitate windows & doors placement by clicking two diagonal points. VIDEO >>
  • Fit Column tool to simplify column modeling by adjusting column type, base and top constraints, offsets, and step increments. VIDEO >>
  • Align Walls and Columns tool with various alignment methods: auto axis, project north, selected walls, and grids. VIDEO >>
  • Profile Maker tool to streamline the process of creating profiles from point clouds for various architectural elements like railings, stringers, wall sweeps, and reveals. VIDEO >>
  • Snap Floor tool designed to quickly adjust the height of floors based on point cloud points. VIDEO >>
  • Auto Floor & Ceiling tool to automate the process of creating floors and ceilings based on point cloud points. VIDEO >>
  • Create Views tool for quick analysis of Revit element’s representation, correction, alignment, and comparison against point cloud points. VIDEO >>
  • Warning Manager tool to speed up the process of identifying, isolating, and removing warnings, saving time, and increasing the efficiency of problem resolution. VIDEO >>


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