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Accelerate production of accurate 2D, 3D & BIM deliverables based on 3D laser scan data

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Searching for a fast and efficient way to turn point cloud data into 3D models and 2D drawings? Undet has the answer. The 3D measurement professionals at Undet understand the challenges of preparing as-built documentation based on point clouds. Compatible with AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp, Undet plug-ins maximize your productivity and deliver high-quality results.

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Undet is easy to learn & simple to master. Become an expert in no time.

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Produce reliable, accurate results based on point clouds captured with any laser scanner.

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Get the job done faster with intuitive point cloud extraction tools that increase efficiency on your reality capture projects.

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Undet's knowledgeable team is on hand to provide the support you need.

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Undet + ARES CAD software

To produce 2D drawings (elevations, floor plans, sections) based on 3D laser scan data.

Undet plug-in for


A feature-rich point cloud extension for fast & easy point cloud data import and 3D modeling from scan data.

Undet plug-in for


To increase efficiency and customize point cloud processing workflows for multi-discipline use with an affordable unlimited office license.

Undet plug-in for

Scan-to-BIM Revit experts

To experience better point cloud visibility, increased control, and performance.

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Undet user

Much Faster workflow
Undet for SketchUp

I’m using Undet for 2-3 months now and I love it, because now we can generate much faster our floorplans…

Bert De Saedeleer
Lidar within Sketchup!
Undet for SketchUp

We used Undet to pull some localised LIDAR scans captured with a BLK360 directly into Sketchup to model an existing…

Chris Staring
Undet for Sketchup the best and professional support service
Undet for SketchUp

I have some questions on the modelling last year around April, an online demo training was conducted by Mr Marius….

Linda Liu
Undet for Sketchup Fantastic results
Undet for SketchUp

Just wanted to say Well Done to your team for the whole package. Downloaded and installed without hitch, easily ported…

Russell Merriman

and Insights

3D Basecamp, SketchUp

Join Undet at 3D Basecamp this September

We are thrilled to share with you our participation in the 3D Basecamp conference taking place in Vancouver, Canada this…



Join us at GEO Business’22

Finding the right point cloud processing software can be a nightmare. It is actually why we, as a laser scanning…