A cost saving solution

to convert point clouds into *.dwg CAD drawings

Undet plug-in with your favorite modeling software:

We know that the latest reality capture technologies are extremely fast and effective in field measurements, however, the conversion of point clouds into building/site measurement documentation can, unfortunately, be very time consuming, which decreases the effectiveness of the overall process. Therefore, we offer you:

  • A cost saving solution, which allows you to have two workplaces for the price of one AutoCAD, making the overall conversion of point clouds into *.dwg CAD drawings quicker (Undet with Ares Commander)
  • The possibility to share your point cloud processing overload with us (Terra Modus service), to receive top quality building/site measurement documents at an agreed time
  • Multiple easy to use Undet solutions, which will let your customers work with registered point clouds by themselves, obtaining the building/site measurements information faster (Undet4Revit | Undet4SketchUp)
  • For experts in converting point clouds into building/site measurement documents, we offer a tool set that will help you optimize and automate your existing point clouds to 2D/3D/BIM drawings processes (Undet4AutoCAD | Undet4Revit | Undet with Ares Commander)


| SketchUp + Undet | 

Extremely affordable solution to create models based on point clouds!

Intuitive and easy to use

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Great product to help with the point cloud industry

Our company tried the trial version to assist a client with 3d laser scanning technology. Working with 3d laser scanning /point clouds is a great tool, but a lot of clients are not used to working with this technology. The Undent product was able to fill the gap with a Sketchup user. I would highly recommend this product and hopefully, a Mac version is available soon.

Midwest Aero Technologies

 Undet project creator

| One project file for all Undet solutions |

Undet project database created to handle massive point clouds and allow efficient management.  

Share your point cloud processing overload with us to convert your point clouds into 2D/3D/BIM building / site documentation

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