A cost saving solution

to convert point clouds into *.dwg CAD drawings

Undet plug-in with your favorite modeling software:

We know that the latest reality capture technologies are extremely fast and effective in field measurements, however, the conversion of point clouds into building/site measurement documentation can, unfortunately, be very time consuming, which decreases the effectiveness of the overall process. Therefore, we offer you:

  • A cost saving solution, which allows you to have two workplaces for the price of one AutoCAD, making the overall conversion of point clouds into *.dwg CAD drawings quicker (Undet with Ares Commander)
  • The possibility to share your point cloud processing overload with us (Terra Modus service), to receive top quality building/site measurement documents at an agreed time
  • Multiple easy to use Undet solutions, which will let your customers work with registered point clouds by themselves, obtaining the building/site measurements information faster (Undet4Revit | Undet4SketchUp)
  • For experts in converting point clouds into building/site measurement documents, we offer a tool set that will help you optimize and automate your existing point clouds to 2D/3D/BIM drawings processes (Undet4AutoCAD | Undet4Revit | Undet with Ares Commander)


| SketchUp + Undet | 

Extremely affordable solution to model from point clouds!

This is probably the easiest way to create 3D models using point cloud data.

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Undet is the exact tool we were looking for!

We were looking for tool to quickly and accurately create 3d content based on our scan data. Undet for Sketchup provided the tool set we needed at a good price. The technical support has been superb. Very nice people to work with. The Undet indexed point clouds do not slow down Sketchup at all, it runs very smooth. I look forward to seeing how this software continues to develop! A meshing toolbar would be nice ;).

Vectorworks 3D Inc.

 Undet project creator

| One project file for all Undet solutions |

Undet project database created to handle massive point clouds and allow efficient management.  

Share your point cloud processing overload with us to convert your point clouds into 2D/3D/BIM building / site documentation

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