Undet for AutoCAD

Designed to optimize and automate the process from point clouds to building/site documentation.

It is most advanced Undet solution to work with point clouds in AutoCAD. 

Supported AutoCAD / AutoCAD Map 3D / AutoCAD Civil……. versions: 2018, 2019, 2020.

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 7 reviews)
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High performance with large point clouds

Create point cloud projects with Undet Indexer from a wide range of scanners: airborne, mobile mapping, terrestrial or any other 3D sensors. 

Limitless project size

Comprehensive point cloud data management

Combine individual scan stations into groups: for each floor/level, outside or separated scans.

Manually classify point clouds into logical classes. Export classified points.

Control the visibility of created groups, classes or individual scans stations/files.

Interactive coloring management

Use the different color settings to get the clearest possible view:
RGB | Intensity | By plane or height |

Generate orthophotos directly from point clouds. Orthophoto can be created from point clouds by increasing point size to create a bright view. 

Interactive visibility management

Use the clipping box to navigate between point clouds. The clipping box can be moved to any area of a point cloud to see a more detailed view by using the grips & gizmo arrows attached to the sides of the clipping box.

Create new clipping box: By Line, By Rectangle with Automated view / UCS settings

Crop the clipping box to get the clearest view of the point cloud

Deformation Analysis & Deformation Map

Set up deformation tolerance and investigate deformation maps.

Pick up deformation values directly from the deformation map.

Insert a deformation bar into a drawing.

Auto sections, plans & irregular profiles

Extract plans, sections, irregular profiles from point clouds using the Smart board tool.

Try the new 3D modelling workflow.

Undet Browser integration

Undet browser connects your scan data from Undet project with FARO SCENE Webshare Cloud service, allowing you to view objects or situations in clearly understandable full resolution panoramic images, mark small objects location, shift the clipping box, and get direct view from scan station point clouds to panoramic scan images and reverse.

Lots of additional function for exceptional challenges and process optimization:

  1. Created View Section management and option to export selected View Section (clipping box) as new Undet project for sharing work with team.
  2. Point cloud roll out function by selected path (polyline).
  3. Lock View Section (clipping box) for further cutting inside View Section boundaries.
  4. Tools to extract ground terrain points from unclassified point clouds and create surface mesh.
  5. Advanced tools for working with mesh: mesh creations by polygons (3D polylines). automatically 3D line vertex height adjustment to selected mesh, automatic point / block / line position adjustment to mesh surface.
  6. Additional 3D viewer to navigate point clouds from the View Section (Clipping Box) in a separate window, while continuing to draw in main model space.
  7. Automatically extractions tools for 2D and 3D primitives from point clouds (planes, lines, corner lines, circles, boxes, cylinders and spheres)
  8. Steel beams modeling tools with dynamic blocks.
  9. LAS classification support. Manual classification and export option. Additional point cloud classification from mesh surface buffer.
  10. Auto raster image creation from selected lines; creation raster image auto export to layouts.
  11. UCS shifting by picking point cloud point (keeping UCS orientation).
  12. …..
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