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This has always been a great event to bring the geospatial profession together

UK’s largest geospatial event designed for everyone involved in the gathering, storing, processing and delivery of geospatial information.




Come and say hello to Undet team

Our stand number – A23

We will be introducing new Undet product that will make point cloud modeling processes more enriched and streamlined than ever before. Now all Undet plug-ins will come with a truly unique feature, called Undet Browser. 

So what makes it so exceptional?

Undet_Point cloud

Browse 3D point cloud and 360-degree panoramic images at the same time.

Viewing a point cloud in a CAD model isn’t always easy. And frequently, you need to look at another screen loaded with 360-degree panoramic images. How fast can you identify the nearest scan position and find the same object in a 3D point cloud?

With Undet Browser you can do it with a single click. Undet will automatically find the nearest scan positions, open it in Undet Browser and straighten the view in the 360-degree panoramic images to the same selected object in the 3D point cloud. That will significantly speed up QC / QA processes, while ensuring final deliverables are of the highest quality.

And, best of all, all of this will be included in the Undet for SketchUp, AutoCAD, Revit or Ares Commander licence fee. So, you do not have to pay more for this great feature.

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Get an in-person demo and explore our solution for Measured Building Surveys

Turn point clouds into 2D CAD drawings (Floor Plans, Elevations & Sections) quickly and easily.

It has already become commonplace for surveying professionals to use terrestrial laser scanners and photogrammetry techniques to measure the real world and bring it to CAD applications as point cloud data. However, to convert a point cloud into suitable CAD deliverables, such as 2D drawings, requires highly skilled staff and powerful software.

And, this is where Undet comes in. Join us at GEO Business and we will share our latest solution to those of you that want to confidently produce measured surveys using point clouds. While at the same time keeping annual CAD software costs at the reasonable price.

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Attend the seminar: 25th November | 10.00 – 10.30 AM. | Future of the Profession Theater

3d laser scanning

How fast can you train someone with little CAD skills to confidently produce measured surveys using point clouds? Precision Air Surveys Case Study.

How to train someone to produce surveys using point clouds?

Simon Judd, Managing Director of Precision Air Surveys, will provide motivation and background information for 3D point cloud drafting methods along with the following details:

  • What are the challenges of training a new employee to confidently produce measured surveys using point clouds within a CAD environment, and what knowledge needs to be transferred?
  • What workflows professionals use to process point cloud data efficiently?
  • How long does it take to train a new employee who has no experience with point cloud data.

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Sounds interesting? See you at Geo Business!