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Why a laser scanning company, developed its own point cloud processing software?

Finding the right point cloud processing software can be a nightmare. It is actually why we, as a laser scanning company, started to make our own.

Terra Modus is a laser scanning company focused on reality capture and point cloud processing. We develop Undet software tools to streamline point cloud processing workflows and accelerate the production of accurate 2D, 3D & BIM deliverables based on 3D laser scan data.

In 2007 we established a 3D laser scanning services company called Terra Modus. We wanted to meet the new reality capture and as build documentation challenges. As a result, Architecture & Construction, Heritage & Archeology, Civil Infrastructure & Land Surveying became our main areas of action.

However, point cloud post-processing was always a pain in the ass! Who really wants to struggle and spend hours on modelling and vectorization of such huge files, which inevitably eat up countless staff hours, vast amounts of storage, and require high-end PCs? Just like everyone, we looked for proper tools that could better facilitate and speed up this time-consuming post-processing work. We tried quite a few solutions, but none of them really satisfied us.


That is why we embarked on a journey to develop our own solution – Undet point cloud software. 


Undet_Point cloudJoin us at GEO Business’22


At Terra Modus, we understand how difficult and frustrating point cloud processing can be for both beginners and experienced alike because we are you. That is why we invite you to come and learn about the new features of our software, and how to turn a point cloud into a 2D/3D CAD drawing quickly and easily using Undet.

Our team member, Marius Putrimas will be presenting at Geo Business this year. Catch him on the 18th at 2:20 pm to discover:

  • What are the main challenges with point cloud processing?
  • And how Terra Modus team has overcome them?

We look forward to seeing you! 

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