Kevin Spencer

The Undet for SketchUp extension has given a massive boost to our company in terms of productivity, product quality, and efficiency. We build bespoke frameless structural glass extensions to fit snugly against buildings, which are seldom flat or even, using multiple glass panels weighing up to 800kg each, which either fit or they don’t. We used to measure everything carefully by hand the old-fashioned way, but how ever hard we tried we often had to remake wrongly sized panels which cost a fortune.

Since using Undet for Sketchup in February 2018 everything is so much easier, and so far, we haven’t remade a single panel. We now capture a buildings geometry as a point cloud using a Faro 3D laser scanner which we can import easily into SketchUp using the Undet for SketchUp extension irrespective of its size.

We then create a highly accurate surface mesh using Undets Feature Extraction Tools and take sections where the glass sits enabling us to draw our glass profiles with incredible accuracy. The difference using the Undet for Sketchup extension is simply staggering in terms of speed, accuracy, and cost, and we cannot thank Undet enough.

A bonus is that the software keeps improving, and any early bugs have now been eliminated.