Tori Wilkinson

We have used Undet for a year now and have found the improvements in our workflow to be significant. The interface is very user-friendly and highly intuitive and the software incredibly stable, allowing us to work with far larger data sets within the AutoCAD environment than was previously possible.

We are now able to import an entire scan project into CAD, no longer wasting time pre-processing it into smaller chunks nor loading and unloading them whilst drawing – everything is readily available at our fingertips. Visually, the quality of the data is crisp and the colour control options vast. The colour ramps are fully customisable to suit the user and colour can applied on a project, sub-group, or individual scan basis. This not only improves visibility of the data, but has proven hugely beneficial in the interrogation of it, allowing us to assess the accuracy of crossover data between scans quickly and easily within CAD. Similarly, the flexibility offered by the clipping tools and the fact the regions are auto saved for re-use until deleted, mean the user has maximum control over the data.

Recently we scanned a substantial hotel, converted from adjoining large Victorian properties, resulting in what can only be described as a “rabbit warren” of a building. This included a number of stairwells, some of the ones away from the public areas being very tight and winding. We were able to very easily isolate these areas, switching on only a selection of scans, viewing them in 3D and utilising colour controls to make sense of them. Any confusion or visualisation problems previously caused by crossover data have been all but eliminated. Conversely, by reducing the visual density of the point cloud, we could work on extensive floor plans or cross sections with a huge spread of data visible all at once, enabling us to generate the significant line-work very quickly.