Undet automatic feature extraction functionality in AutoCAD

As it stands today, one of the most popular software to convert the point cloud to CAD drawings is AutoCAD. If  You are working on converting point cloud to 3D models on a daily basis, You know that every small time-saving solution at the end of the day will turn into a huge time saver.

Undet understands that, and because of that, we are providing those small time-saving solutions and one solution that gives You the advantage is Automatic feature extraction functions.

First things first. Automatic feature extraction functions create a corner line between two selected planes, creates a multi-corner line of selected point cloud data, also can automatically draw line or circle and even allows all sorts of modeled face fitting to point cloud and those faces management functionality.

Corner line and multi-corner line functions will automatically generate lines between selected planes or by selecting point cloud information. This is a time saver if You are doing wireframe 3D modeling since You will be able to draw lines directly on the point cloud.



Auto circle and auto line functions will allow You to generate automatic lines which later can be used extruded into 3D solids. This function will allow You to created a circle in one click, instead of drawing it with standard AutoCAD functions.



Fit face function will allow You to automatically fit drawn 3d solid face towards selected point cloud information. Not only that, You will be able to divide face if there are plane change in point cloud information. It means that You will be able to draw a very approximate outline of the object and then using a fit face, divide face, fit extrude and other functions to create a very precise model according to point cloud information instead of modeling everything from the scratch.


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