Undet for SketchUp

Undet extends SketchUp Studio functionality and boosts productivity when working with point clouds

SketchUp Studio is a powerful and versatile software suite that offers a range of cutting-edge features and tools designed to help AEC professionals optimize their workflows and achieve better project outcomes. By utilizing laser scanning and other cutting-edge technologies in SketchUp Studio, AEC professionals can streamline workflows, save time and money, and improve stakeholder collaboration. This ultimately leads to better project outcomes, increased client satisfaction, and sustained growth for their businesses. 

However, for AEC professionals utilizing 3D scan data in SketchUp there is one important question. Does the free Scan Essentials point cloud software plugin provide all of the tools and functionality needed for your work? In this short article, you will learn what it is possible to do with both Scan Essentials and Undet for SketchUp, so that you can make an informed choice about which point cloud software is best for you.

What are the key differences between Scan Essentials and Undet for SketchUp?


Both the Scan Essentials and Undet plugins are excellent options for utilizing point clouds in SketchUp, providing basic features such as:

  • Fast and easy point cloud data imports.
  • Point cloud visualization with multiple colour modes.
  • Point cloud viewing and slicing tools.
  • 3D model inspection tools.
  • Ground terrain surface extraction tools.
  • Draw and snap directly onto your point cloud.
  • Move & rotate tools to align scan data to the 3D model.

However, where Undet differs is that it caters to the needs of users who require more advanced point cloud processing and analysis tools, as well as those wanting to complete tasks faster and more efficiently. The advanced functionality of the Undet point cloud software makes it a great choice for professionals who work with large and complex data sets and, therefore require more sophisticated features, such as automatic feature extraction, modelling tools, and the ability to import a wide range of point cloud files from terrestrial and mobile mapping systems, UAVs, or photogrammetry software. These features, and many others, save Undet point cloud software users both time and effort, allowing them to complete tasks more quickly and accurately, giving them more time to focus on other aspects of their projects.


What extra features do you get with Undet for SketchUp?


Below, you will find a list of the unique features that Undet brings to SketchUp Studio functionality to boost your productivity with point cloud-related projects:


Auto feature extraction tools to easily turn point cloud data into accurate 3D models. These include, plane detection, box detection, room volume extraction, horizontal plane fittings, roof plane fitting, actual plane fitting and corner line detection.


Automatic texturing tools for enriching a model by adding texture created from a point cloud for one or multiple planes at once.


Profile builder tool to automate architectural profile vectorization and modelling.


Automatic tool to find the center line and diameter of the pipe on point cloud selection.


Undet’s unique point cloud viewer features integration to understand and see better what the point cloud represents.


ViewSync feature to synchronize the Undet Browser and a SketchUp 3D model to see the identical view simultaneously.


3D Model inspection report generation to compare your 3D model to the point cloud to check the accuracy and identify missed details based on 360-degree scan station images in Undet Browser (Undet’s point cloud viewer).


Undet Scenes tool to save point cloud views to native Sketchup scenes and organize them.


Reverse clipping box mode to hide point cloud points inside an active clipping box.


Smart snapping tools to draw SketchUp objects by snapping to point cloud points. The tool automatically recognizes the orientation of the plane being drawn, whether vertical or horizontal.


Built-in point cloud classification tools to reclassify the point cloud and manage the visibility of each logical class. 


Automatic orientation of axes to point clouds.

We understand that Undet for SketchUp is a significant investment considering that Scan Essentials comes for free as part of SketchUp Studio. That is why we offer a free 14-day trial of Undet for SketchUp. This is not a watered-down or feature-restricted trial. You get full access to the point cloud software, just like if you had brought it. This is so that you can get to know all of the Undet for SketchUp features and figure out if you need these for your work and how much time (and as a consequence, how much money) this point cloud software might save you in the long run.

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* Undet works with SketchUp Pro (Windows only).