Video recordings and training materials 

Point Cloud to CAD Solution using ARES Commander and Undet Software

Point Cloud to CAD Solution using ARES Commander and Undet Software


For those who may have missed the event or wish to revisit the content, we are pleased to inform you that the video recording and training materials are now available for viewing.

By combining the powerful Undet plug-in tools with ARES Commander CAD simplicity, we offer you an intuitive workflow to create 2D drawings based on precise as-built point cloud data quickly and easily.

Key features and functionality

Introduction to software suite: ARES Commander & Undet

This section will introduce the partnership between ARES Commander and Undet, highlighting the key features and functionality of both tools. By the end of the session, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how these tools efficiently help convert Point Cloud to CAD


Point Cloud to CAD Conversion

The hands-on workshop will be divided into two sessions, each lasting 45 minutes. In the first session, attendees will learn how to produce accurate floor plans from point cloud data, while the second session will focus on vectorizing elevations and sections using Undet and ARES Commander.

Download material


  • Software suite: ARES Commander 2024 + Undet point cloud plug-in | Download link


  • Undet plug-in for existing ARES Commander 2024 users* | Download link

* If you own an ARES Commander 2024 license, you can download and install the Undet point cloud plugin only.



  • Finalized projection drawings and layer template (floor plan, elevation and section) | Download link

License options

Software Suite+
Excluding VAT
Undet plug-in
Excluding VAT
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