Utilizing FlexTools and Undet plugins to facilitate As-built Modeling

Facilitate As-built Point Cloud Modeling within SketchUp

Utilizing FlexTools and Undet plugins to facilitate As-built Point Cloud Modeling within SketchUp


SketchUp has long been a favourite of architects and designers because of its user-friendly interface and powerful modelling capabilities. One of SketchUp’s strengths is the variety of plug-ins that make certain tasks faster and easier.

In this article, we will look at two of these, FlexTools and Undet, and how these help to speed up and improve the point cloud modelling process.



What is FlexTools?

FlexTools offers a suite of tools that automate repetitive tasks, simplifying the creation of architectural elements, and allowing users to focus on the design rather than the intricacies of modelling. With FlexTools, creating complex structures is just a matter of a few clicks.


What is Undet for SketchUp?

Undet, on the other hand, allows users to import point cloud data directly into SketchUp, providing a solid foundation for as-built modelling. Undet’s powerful visualization tools also enable users to effortlessly navigate through dense point clouds, ensuring that modelling is both accurate and efficient.


Synergy of FlexTools and Undet

Undet provides a detailed and accurate representation of real-world conditions through point clouds, while FlexTools offers the tools to turn this data into SketchUp objects faster.

Below, we will show how these tools speed up and standardize the point cloud modelling workflow for creating stairs and windows.


Creating Custom Windows with FlexTools in SketchUp Based on Point Clouds

This tutorial demonstrates the process of modelling a window using the FlexTools plugin within SketchUp. Guiding you through creating a basic yet functional window. Through adjustments and modifications, the tutorial also showcases the versatility of FlexTools in creating detailed architectural elements easily and quickly.


Staircase Modeling in SketchUp Using FlexTools Plugin Based on Point Clouds

This video shares how to create a staircase using FlexTools in SketchUp. Instead of manually drawing each profile, FlexTools streamlines the process by allowing you to select pre-designed stairs and customize them to fit specific dimensions and requirements. The guide covers steps such as adjusting the height, width, and thread thickness of the stairs, as well as editing individual components to ensure a perfect fit within the point cloud data. It also highlights features like the follow-me tool to add intricate features like nosing.

Incorporating FlexTools and Undet into SketchUp equips professionals with a robust set of tools tailored for as-built point cloud modelling. Improving the precision of models and speeding up the design process.

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