Undet for Revit

Undet for Autodesk® Revit® generates raster image views from point clouds directly in Revit. Raster images are lighter than point cloud which enables new workflow working with point clouds without loading heavy RCP files.

Raster images generates from Undet project, which can be created with Undet Indexer from a wide range of scanners or any others 3D sensors. No limitation and performance issue even the largest point clouds.

Supported Revit versions: 2020 2019 2018

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NEW! Surface analysis tools

New Undet for Revit functionality focuses on 3D model accuracy assurance based on point clouds. Surface analysis tools will let you check and visualize model accuracy and much more…

  • Prepare and share a report that 3D modeling has been performed with the required accuracy
  • Ensure outsourced 3D model accuracy

Here is an overview video, with new features: https://youtu.be/g_MqLxVNcug

Interactive and independent image view generation

Raster image generation region can be selected according to two choices and generated outside of the Revit view range giving flexibility in controlling the level of information you see in your view:

  • “Screen Area” by windows extents
  • “Defined Area” by rectangle

Combine multiple image views

All generated raster images in selected Revit view can be managed in Raster manager to Control visibility of raster images, and combine multiple raster images

As example: transparency center cut plane can be used with floor view even with different settings.

Manage image resolution and density

Raster images can be generated with different resolution settings from preview to very detail view.

Update image colors

Raster image coloring mode can be selected: by source, intensity or coloring by plane: with different settings to get clearest view.
Already generated image raster can be updated with new settings.

Scan position grouping

Raster images from point clouds are generated from enabled scan data that can be grouped and managed their visibility.

As example, to create clear building elevation raster image we need to disable inside scans.

Recap point cloud cropping and color switching

Convert decimated Undet project in to RCP file for view with additional functions: 

  • Crop / Un-crop – loaded RCP file cropping function by irregular polygon
  • Hide / show – Hides / shows loaded RCP file
  • Coloring settings – RCP file coloring mode switching

Cropping tool and color switching accelerators for ReCap cloud files (*.rcp; *.rcs) are free to use even after the trial period.

Undet Browser integration

Undet browser connects your scan data from Undet project with FARO SCENE Webshare Cloud service, allowing you to view objects or situations in clearly understandable full resolution panoramic images, mark small objects location, shift the clipping box, and get direct view from scan station point clouds to panoramic scan images and reverse.


Client testimonial

Undet enables Revit point cloud users to experience better visibility, increased control and performance.We are using the plugin because it is simple to use, fast and efficient.  It allows a view of the point cloud outside of the Revit view range giving greater flexibility in controlling the level of information you see in your view.You do not need to load heavy RCP/RCS files to use a point cloud in Revit.  Simple image views are quick to generate and do not drastically reduce the speed of Revit. 

Undet for Revit overview video

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