5 Ways Undet Can Improve Your Point Cloud Workflows

Here we provide 5 ways in which the Undet plugin can help users of AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp and ARES Commander to significantly speed up point cloud workflows, while at the same time increasing accuracy and reducing the need for costly reworks.

So, without further ado…


Faster and easier point cloud data imports


It is fair to say that point clouds are not small files (often encompassing millions of individual points). And, when you add that they are not well optimized, importing a large point cloud data set can bring even the most high-end PC’s to a crawl.

Thankfully, not only does Undet make it possible to import data from any 3D laser scanner, UAV or photogrammetry software, it also supports a huge range of different file types. However, best of all, the Undet point cloud extension speeds up point cloud project creation by at least 2x compared to its competitors. Meaning you can get to work more quickly – saving yourself time and money.


Easy-to-use tools for viewing and slicing 3D point cloud data


Undet provides a suite of tools to make viewing and slicing 3D point cloud data easier and quicker. These include our clipping box tool, which lets you select just the part of the point cloud you want to work on. Whether this is one building in a bigger complex or a plane view of just one side (a slice) of an object, using a clipping box will speed up computer performance and make it much easier and quicker for you to understand and work with point cloud data.


Optimized for high PC performance


Undet has been optimized to maintain high computer and software performance from import through to completed deliverables. One such tool that makes this possible is Undet’s clipping box, which enables you to select just the portions of the point cloud that you want to work on. Reducing the demand on your computer, allowing you to get to work and process the data you need quicker and more efficiently. 

The unique Undet Browser


The Undet Browser point cloud viewer has one game-changing feature that you will not find anywhere else.  The VIEW SYNC two-way communication function makes it possible with just one click on any point in your CAD software, to see the same position in the point cloud viewer – and vice versa. This solves the time consuming problem of finding the same point in your CAD software and point cloud viewer. Making it easier and quicker to understand, analyse and compare your point cloud and CAD model.

This truly unique feature helps users of the Undet plugins for AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp and ARES Commander to speed up QA/QC processes, while at the same time produce higher-quality deliverables. 

Undet Browser Overview

In this video you will see how to navigate through the point cloud project, take simple measurements such as heights and distances and share your project with others.

Undet Browser for SketchUp
Undet Browser for AutoCAD
Undet Browser for Revit

Visualization tools to adjust colours


Undet’s exclusive “auto contrast” feature allows you to adjust the colour of your point clouds. This includes settings to colour by  intensity, plane, and Z. It is also possible in Undet to colour by source (RGB) or use custom colours. Enabling you to get the most out of your point clouds by highlighting critical details and adding realism. All of which will help you immensely when it comes to analysis and meetings with clients. 

Still not sure if Undet is right for you?


You can try Undet for SketchUp for free for 14 days, or Undet for AutoCAD, Revit and ARES Commander for 30 days. This is not a stripped-down trial, you have full access to the software just like if you have just bought a license. Not only that, we will schedule a tutorial call to show you the features of the software and how they work. Allowing you to get to work and start reaping the benefits of Undet even quicker.

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Undet is software that makes it easier and quicker to transform point cloud data into accurate 2D/3D models and BIM deliverables. Our software comes in the form of plug-ins for AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp or ARES Commander.

Undet point cloud plug-ins are designed specifically for users who need advanced point cloud processing and analysis tools. Providing a number of features that will help you work with large and complex point clouds more quickly and accurately. 

A point cloud is essentially a simple 3D model which is made up of millions (or sometimes billions) of small dots (known as points), each containing X, Y, Z values, orientation information, as well as sometimes colour and intensity measurements. However, this is quite far from being a complete model that can be delivered to clients or used in a construction project. This is why it is more commonly known as just a point cloud rather than a model, because it is the basis from which proper 3D models and 2D deliverables can be made.

There are a number of benefits to using point clouds in the construction industry, including increased accuracy and better quality results than traditional techniques, easier sharing and collaboration options, as well as specific tools especially tailored to construction professionals

Point cloud software, such as Undet, often comes in the form of plugins and extensions for CAD software. As a result, the most important question is which CAD software are you using right now? At Undet, we produce point cloud plugins for AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp and ARES Commander.