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Point Cloud to CAD Solution using ARES Commander and Undet Software

Point Cloud to CAD Solution using ARES Commander and Undet Software


6th of September


Join us for the upcoming webinar to discover the essential tools and techniques for converting 3D point cloud data into precise CAD drawings using ARES Commander and Undet. Whether you’re actively involved in reality capture projects or new to the technology, this informative session and workshop will have something for you.

Point Coud to CAD workshop

———————————————————————– PART 1 – 30 minutes ———————————————————————–

Understanding Point Cloud Data and its Importance 

In this section, Terra Modus, a reality capture company specializing in laser scanning and point cloud modeling services, will discuss key topics, including:

  • An overview of reality capture projects and the main technologies used for point cloud data acquisition.
  • Addressing challenges in capturing data.
  • Share typical projects and industries utilizing point cloud technology.
  • Real-world examples showcasing the utilization of point clouds.
  • Provide insights into the software and tools for successful point cloud to CAD projects.

Understanding Point Cloud Data and its Importance

———————————————————————– PART 2 – 30 minutes ———————————————————————–

Introduction to software suite for Point Cloud to CAD workflow

Introduction to Software Suite for Point Cloud to CAD Workflow

This section will introduce the partnership between ARES Commander and Undet, highlighting the key features and functionality of both tools. By the end of the session, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how these tools efficiently help convert Point Cloud to CAD.

Key topics will include:

  • Introduction to software suite: ARES Commander & Undet
  • Key features and functionality of ARES Commander
  • Seamless integration: Undet Plugin for ARES Commander

———————————————————————– BREAK – 15 minutes ———————————————————————–

WORKSHOP | Point Cloud to CAD Conversion 90 minutes

The hands-on workshop will be divided into two sessions, each lasting 45 minutes. In the first session, attendees will learn how to produce accurate floor plans from point cloud data, while the second session will focus on vectorizing elevations and sections using Undet and ARES Commander.

Registered participants will receive the data and tools used in the workshop so they can practise on their own:

  • Workshop video.
  • Undet & ARES Commander software installation files.
  • Sample point cloud project used during the workshop.

Point Cloud to CAD Conversion

Event is finished

For those who may have missed the event or wish to revisit the content, we are pleased to inform you that the

video recording and training materials are now available for viewing.

You can access them through the following link