Undet Browser Released

A point cloud viewer with a truly unique features

We are pleased to announce the release of a new Undet Browser. Undet is a part of Terra Modus, a company with more than 20 years experience in land and architecture surveying.

The fact that Undet Browser is a point cloud viewer with the basics functions such as navigation, the ability to take measurements, and sharing tools is nothing new or surprising for the market. However, Undet Browser has one feature that is truly unique – the two-way communication function.


The two-way communication feature changes everything


Point Cloud Viewer

Two-way communication between point cloud viewer and CAD model. Left screen – Revit software with 3D point cloud loaded, right screen Undet Browser.

For modellers who are working with point clouds, they usually have two screens. One is for CAD software, and the second a point cloud viewer. With the point cloud viewer helping them to see the point cloud data more clearly as a panoramic view and better understand an object. But all of this has to be done manually because the two pieces of software are not connected to each other. Meaning it can take a lot of time to find the same point in both. Can you imagine how annoying that is and how much time you lose?

The two-way communication feature changes everything. This is because, with just one click on an unclear point in the CAD software, you will now be able to automatically see the same position in the viewer – and vice versa. This two-way communication takes the form of two tools in the software. The first of these is the view sync function that automatically finds the nearest scan positions, opens them in Undet Browser and straightens the view in the 360o panoramic images to match the selected object in the 3D point cloud. The second of these, the new Translate View Section function, will enable users to shift a point cloud slice to any location in the Undet Browser.


Undet Browser is a free stand-alone point cloud viewer


This truly unique two-way communication will help users of Undet plugins for Autocad, Revit, SketchUp and Ares Commander to speed up point cloud modelling/drafting and QA/QC processes, while at the same time producing higher quality deliverables. Helping them to save both money and time, especially on costly reworks.

Although the two-way communication feature is only available for users of Undet plugins, Undet Browser also works as a standalone point cloud viewer. That will help users to navigate through their point cloud data, take simple measurements such as heights and distances and share the point cloud projects for viewing and analyzing with colleagues and customers – even those with little or no 3D/CAD skills.

Regardless of whether you are a user of Undet plugins or not, the Undet Browser is absolutely free. So there is no reason not to download it and give it a try.


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About Terra Modus


At Terra Modus – the developers of Undet – we understand the issues faced by users, because we are users too. Terra Modus was born nearly 20 years ago as a land and architecture surveying company. So we know the day to day challenges and hurdles of turning 3D laser scan data into deliverables for those working in:

  • Reconstruction of existing buildings, bridges, urban development sites, etc.
  • Reconstruction and restoration of heritage and archaeological buildings and monuments
  • Heritage and archaeological documentation.
  • Bridge, building and facade measurements.

Undet is a plugin that seamlessly integrates with AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, and Ares Commander, taking advantage of the well-known system interface and supplementing it with well-thought-out point clouds features and tools to increase efficiency when working with 3D laser scan data.